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The Shoal
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Historian
Class: Lore-master
Race: Man
Region: Rohan
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Sex: Female
Skin: Cream
Hair: Red
Eye: Blue


"Ceowenn was the first character in LOTRO I played. She was accepted into The Shoal by it's leader due to the fact that the leader shared his lifetime membership price. She was a great character to start playing, and when I moved over to Brandywine for friends, I in theory re-created her as Liliwynn."

Finding that she has been defeated at 15th level, and the goal of Undying now vanished, I find her tiresome to play. Not only because she lost her chance at this title, but also because I have played Lilliwynn to it's fullest loving both the Lore-master class and the Historian vocation. It just seems wrong to start over again. Therefore, I am thinking of retiring this character, although the thought of deleting her is a bit saddening, being the first. I have not fully decided what to do with her at this point.