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Hi, I am Josh, living in Ohio.

Player of LOTRO since April 2008, on Gladden. I primarily play a Elf hunter but do also enjoy playing as a Hobbit minstrel.

Please Note: My wiki username is not the same as any of my in-game names, I would prefer not to disclose those names.

Active Times

I do try to check Discord and the wiki on a daily basis.


  • Clean up Special Events categorization.
  • Fully merge Summer Festival into Farmer's Faire.
  • Find a way to showcase certain titles.

Useful Links

Mainly admin things that I want quick access to.

Routine Housekeeping (Refresh)


U Lotro-Wiki User since:

  May 19, 2012.
N Lotro-Wiki Ninja since:

  June 29, 2020.
E Lotro-Wiki Editor since:

  May 21, 2021.
A Lotro-Wiki Administrator since:

  May 28, 2021.
B Lotro-Wiki Bureaucrat since:

  July 23, 2021.
D Lotro-Wiki Director since:

  July 23, 2021.