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About Me

Hi, I am David, living just north of Sydney, Australia

Long time LOTR fan since I read the first book in 1975, and have played or role-played the game in many ways since then - including wargames, role-play games and computer games. Combine this with a history bent, has lead to being an active re-enactor of dark ages combat so that I could learn how it was really done.

Player of LOTRO since November 2011, first in Elendilmir then Arkenstone

Main toon is Nodmoth - an elven Guardian, others are Tamron, and Noddi

Kin is League of Venturers.

U LotRO-wiki User since:

  January 17, 2011.
N LotRO-wiki Ninja since:

  October 7, 2016.
E LotRO-wiki Editor since:

  January 1, 2018.
A LotRO-wiki Administrator since:

  February 1, 2018.
D LotRO-wiki Director since:

  October 6, 2018.