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Assorted graphics information intended to become "Help: Graphics" someday

Image Gallery

For the extended syntax see Wikipedia: Help:Gallery_tag and Help:Images and other uploaded files for full list of parameters):

<gallery caption="Sample gallery" widths="180px" heights="120px" perrow="3">
File:Wiki.png|Caption text.
Note: The dotted line box above is created by </pre> ... </pre> . Note that text in the box does not wrap.
  • Captions are optional.
  • The File: prefix is optional.
  • Notice that there are no brackets except for links within captions.
  • A common mistake is to forget the closing gallery tag.
  • The default width and height are 120px.
  • If perrow= is omitted, the width is fluid: one row comprises as many images as will fit across the available width; this is now the recommended default. Prior to MediaWiki 1.17, the default was 4.

Named Color Chart

  • WikiTable
Background: transparent/Lettering: Black/Good Link: Blue/Bogus Link: Red
  • Dark Table:
Background: White/Lettering: Black/Good Link: Blue/Bogus Link: Red

A chart of all major browser supported named colors is found here: Help:Editing#Named_Color_Chart.

Favorite references
The web safe color palette contains 216 colors. Back when most computers only had 8-bit video cards, they could only view 256 colors. Out of those 256 colors, 40 of them looked different between Macs and PCs. The reason that the web safe color palette only has 216 colors is because of those 40 colors. Limiting the palette to 216 ensures that both Macs and PCs display all colors the same.

The names in this table can be used in all major browsers instead of the hex code or #rgb(r, g, b) notations to more easily document your color use.

NOTE: {{Color|red|example}} and {{TextColor|Text|orange}} have the ''COLOR'' arguments reversed!

Colors used to indicate Quality
White Common
Yellow Uncommon
Purple Rare
Cyan Incomparable
Orange Epic
Colors used to indicate Level
(Relative to yourself)
Grey 9 or more levels below
Green 6-8 levels below
Turquoise 3-5 levels below
Blue 1-2 levels below
White Same level as yourself
Yellow 1 level above
Orange 2-4 levels above
Red 5-7 levels above
Purple 8 levels above
* Lotro-Wiki Standard Colors as used in tables
MediaWiki:Common.css name Color Name /
Hex Value
Color Table Name (.css)
Table name: stocktable (default) and altRows
table.altRowsMed th
table.stocktable th
#BBBBFF Header
table.altRowsMed tr.even #EEEEFF altRows
table.altRows tr.odd white altRows
#E4D8FF un-named color
Table name: altRowsMP
table.altRowsMP th Orange altRowsMP
table.altRowsMP a:link lightgreen a:link
table.altRowsMP a:visited limegreen a:visited
table.altRowsMP a:hover cyan a:hover
Table name: mptable
table.mptable td
moccasin mptable
?MP? #cabba2
???? #000099
div.itemtooltip li.darkorchid darkorchid #9932CC div.itemtooltip li.darkorchid
div.itemtooltip li.setbonus #999 div.itemtooltip li.setbonus
test box2 #999999
test box3 #090909
* Colors I'm always using:
My Color Chart
Classic browser safe colors
Color Name Hex Value Color
NavajoWhite #FFDEAD
Red #FF0000
Lime #00FF00
Blue #0000FF
Yellow #FFFF00
Cyan (Aqua) #00FFFF
Magenta (Fuchsia) #FF00FF
Silver #COCOCO
Grey #808080
Green #008000
Purple #800080
Teal #008080
Other commonly supported colors
Color Name Hex Value Color
Gold #FFD700
Orange #FFDEAD
SkyBlue #87CEEB
SlateBlue #6A5ACD
SlateGray #708090

Colors used in the wiki

  • Colors used in Skill template and Tooltips
DarkKhaki (#BDB76B)
BurlyWood (#DEB887)
Tan (#D2B48C)

Assorted Logos

Images/Icons/Game Icons/
Images/Icons/Site Images
Category: Site Images