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I play mostly endgame on Evernight, if i have time, i try to check out out some of the new things on BR.

I slowly got into LUA plugin scripting by updating outdated plugins for personal use and friends. You can see some of my attempts at lotrointerface and github.
Through plugins i got more into editing lotro-wiki, since i saw an opportunity to help maintaining with the use of bots. Feel free to ask me, if you need help with some bot tasks, i might be able to help :)
I am using pywikibot custom scripts on my Drono-bot account.

Apart from bot edits, i am trying to help where i can.
Currently my latest focus is on deeds and titles.

U LotRO-wiki User since:

April 9, 2018.
N LotRO-wiki Ninja since:

April 22, 2018.
E LotRO-wiki Editor since:

January 11, 2019.
A LotRO-wiki Administrator since:

June 18, 2019.


Titles + Deeds




Goal in progress: Update emote information


  • Drono-bot uploaded emote icons
  • Added emote icons to existing emotes on Emote page

Useful links

Module:Sort - example of lua template