Ungol Spiderling

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Ungol Spiderling
Ungol Spiderling.jpg
Level: 110 - 111
Region: The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Area: Lhingris

Type: Swarm
Genus: Spiders and Insects
Species: Spider

Morale: 27,252 - 28,751
Power: 1,768 - 1,865
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: Unknown
Stun/Mez Imm.: Unknown
Root Immune: Unknown
Cry: Unknown
Song: Unknown
Tactical: Unknown
Physical: Unknown
Common: Unknown AncientDwarf: Unknown
Fire: Unknown Beleriand: Unknown
Light: Unknown Westernesse: Unknown
Shadow: Unknown Frost: Unknown
Lightning: Unknown

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


The Ungol Spiderling is found skittering around Lhingris in The Plateau of Gorgoroth, typically in groups of three.
The Ungol Brood-mother is normally accompanied by one Ungol Spiderling as an ally.
She is also frequently within "agro-range" of a second Ungol Brood-mother, AND a group of Ungol Spiderlings.
This results in a battle with two Brood-mothers and 2-5 Spiderlings!
Contributes to the deeds:


Trophy Filth-icon.png Intriguing Filth