Trick: Disable

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Trick Disable-icon.png
 Trick: Disable
  • 11.5m Range
  • Melee Skill
  • Resistance: Physical
  • Skill Type: Debuff
  • Strike to slow the foe's attacks.

    Limit: One Trick per target.
  • 133.9% of Main-hand Damage
  • +15% Attack Duration
  • -10% Damage
  • Duration: 15s
  • Cost: [166 at Level 130] Power
  • Cooldown: 5s

General Information

Class: Burglar

Trait Tree: The Mischief-maker

Rank Needed: 0


Using this skill causes Trick Disable-icon.png Trick: Disable to occur on an enemy target.

Trait Information

The set bonus Disabling Attack in The Mischief-maker trait tree increases the attack duration and outgoing damage debuffs by 5%.
The set bonus Confound the Fools in the Mischief-maker trait tree changes this skill to Trick Disable-icon.png Trick: Improved Disable, which also reduces the target's Finesse.


The Burglar Main Hand Minor Legacy Tricks Range will increase the range of this skill by up to 5.9 meters.
The Burglar Tools Major Legacy Tricks Duration will increase the duration of this skill by up to 15 seconds.

Tactical Information

This trick reduces your target's attack speed and outgoing damage. It's a very useful trick for bosses during long fights: use it together with Trickster-icon.png Trickster to stack it two times.