The Wide Halls

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The Wide Halls are located north of Baiúrz-mur, south of mudmul-charâf, east of the Broad Ways and west of the Great Hall of Durin in Zelem-melek.

Settlements and Landmarks of Zelem-melek
Settlements: Twenty-first Hall
Landmarks: Auctioneer's BunkerBaiúrz-murThe Broad WaysBudkhul-tharâkhBult-kârThe Chamber of LeadershipChamber of MazarbulCrafting BunkerGabil-hulGabil-mamachGazatu-ruThe Great Hall of DurinHall of Flowing WaterKhufdul-tharâkhThe Lonely SpanMezer-serejMudmul-charâfSejer-tharâkhSkrithûrz-ulímaThe Twenty-first Hall: East ArchThe Twenty-first Hall: North ArchThe Twenty-first Hall: South ArchThe Twenty-first Hall: West ArchUzbad-bakânVault-keeper's BunkerThe Wide Halls