The Watcher of Resolve Traits

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Trait Description Source
Poignant Phrases-icon.png Poignant Phrases Increases Critical Healing. Trait: 0+ ranks
Soothing Voice-icon.png Soothing Voice Increases the potency of Heals. Trait: 0+ ranks
Strong Appeal-icon.png Strong Appeal Increases the Crit chance of heals. Trait: 5+ ranks, Poignant Phrases at rank 3
Improved Bolster Courage-icon.png Improved Bolster Courage Bolster Courage delivers a more potent heal. Trait: 5+ ranks
Pause for Breath-icon.png Pause for Breath Healing skills have a chance to refund their Power cost.
At max rank, heals refund more than their Power cost.
Trait: 5+ ranks
Quick Melody-icon.png Quick Melody Lowers skill induction time, letting you heal faster. Trait: 10+ ranks
Inspiring Finish-icon.png Inspiring Finish Ballads have a chance to build a stacking enhancement for Coda of Resonance.
Each stack will cause Coda of Resonance to add 3% Outgoing Healing, up to 15%.
Trait: 10+ ranks
Resonant Piercing Cry (Trait)-icon.png Resonant Piercing Cry Scoring a Critical Hit with Resonant Piercing Cry increases the Bolster Courage and Raise the Spirit around the target. Trait: 15+ ranks
Improved Chord of Salvation (Trait)-icon.png Improved Chord of Salvation Chord of Salvation gains a fellowship-wide heal. Trait: 15+ ranks
Improved Song of the Hammerhand-icon.png Improved Song of the Hammerhand Enhances the potency of the bubble from Song of the Hammerhand. Trait: 15+ ranks
Follow Up-icon.png Follow Up Critical Heals speed up skill use. Trait: 20+ ranks, Strong Appeal at rank 3
Triumphant Spirit (Trait)-icon.png Triumphant Spirit Earns the skill: Triumphant Spirit. Trait: 20+ ranks
Improved Coda of Resonance-icon.png Improved Coda of Resonance Coda of Resonance briefly reduces incoming damage. Trait: 25+ ranks
Inspiring Cries and Calls-icon.png Inspiring Cries and Calls Healing skills have a chance to reset the cooldown of Cries and Calls. You cannot gain this effect more than once every 15s. Trait: 25+ ranks
Inner Strength-icon.png Inner Strength Your songs infuse inner strength in your allies. Trait: 30+ ranks
Legend of Helm Hammerhand (Trait)-icon.png Legend of Helm Hammerhand Earns the skill: Legend of Helm Hammerhand Trait: 30+ ranks