The Stewards of Fangorn

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Deed Lore

Under Quickbeam's guidance, you have set forth into Fangorn seeking to combat the forces that now work against it.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)


  10Fangorn Leaf-icon.png Fangorn Leaf
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with The Ents of Fangorn Forest ( 700 )

Additional Information

  • This deed is available at level 95.

All quests which are part of this deed are accomplished in the presence of Quickbeam's Huorn and the quest: [95] A Forest Without Frontiers

  1. Complete [95] Drawn to the Water - Trigger area [41.1s, 80.6w]
  2. Complete [95] In Need of Tending - Trigger area [43.7s, 79.5w]
  3. Complete [95] A Thunder of Boughs - Trigger area [38.6s, 81.4w]
  4. Complete [95] Twisted Branches - Trigger area [37.8s, 81.3w]
  5. Complete [95] The Voices of Fangorn - Trigger area [43.2s, 79.8w]
  6. Complete [95] Where Has Treebeard Gone? - Trigger area [38.3s, 85.4w]
  7. Complete [95] Growth in Darkness - Trigger area [41.9s, 80.5w]
  8. Complete [95] The Enemy That Was - Trigger area [41.8s, 82.0w]
  9. Complete [95] Awaking the Forest - Trigger area [39.9s, 79.8w]
  10. Complete [95] A Natural Remedy - Trigger area [39.6s, 82.9w]
  11. Complete [95] Unearthing Trouble - Trigger area [38.4s, 79.2w]
  12. Complete [95] Feasting on the Forest - Trigger area [39.0s, 79.5w]

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