The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt: Part Deux

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Deed Lore

You are a great explorer of Middle-earth. Surely you'll have no trouble locating other great adventurers on their expeditions!

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Find Floid and Dewitt in East Rohan [49.5S, 47.2W]
Find Floid and Dewitt in Eregion [46.5S, 3.8W]
Find Floid and Dewitt in Forochel [13.9N, 82.1W]
Find Floid and Dewitt in The Great River [23.0S, 65.3W]
Find Floid and Dewitt in The Misty Mountains [21.1S, 5.7E]
Find Floid and Dewitt in Trollshaws [33.1S, 10.1W]
Find Floid and Dewitt in Wildermore [32.9S, 64.1W]


  300Mark-icon.png Mark
  Slayer-title-icon.png <name>, the Vagabond

Additional Information

Floid the Mighty Steed and Dewitt the Explorer are at the following locations:

  • East Rohan; The East Wall: [49.5S, 47.2W] on a rock overhanging the river behind the wall on the far side of the orc camp.
  • Eregion: [46.5S, 3.8W] on a cliff at the top of the path along the northern edge of the Red Horn Pass.
  • Forochel: [13.9N, 82.1W] on top of a rocky outcropping that can be climbed from the north.
  • The Great River: [23.0S, 65.3W] on a cliff along the southern face of Aster Hill.
  • The Misty Mountains: [21.1S, 5.7E] halfway up the path to the Black Crack on a circular platform.
    From either approach, opposite of a goblin post, there will be a small ledge behind a grouping of three rocks and a short pine tree. Hug the ledge until you reach a platform with a fallen tree. The tree points to your next destination. There will be another ledge attached to yet another platform. Run and jump down onto the ledge; this can be difficult without a horse.
  • Trollshaws: [33.1S, 10.1W] in a nook between boulders near the top of the winding rough, grassy path above the Ford of Bruinen.
  • Wildermore: [32.9S, 64.1W] above a frozen waterfall at the north shore of the Isingmere.

Deed Involvement

In the deed log, this is categorized under the Race & Social tab in Class/Race/Epic.


When first introduced, the name of the human partner was variously spelled with one or two final 't's, i.e. Dewit or Dewitt. Recent updates have standardized his name to Dewitt. Spelling variations may still exist in non-English version of the game.

One presumes that this is a tribute to the noted sculptor Floyd Tennison Dewitt.

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