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Telperion was one of the Two Trees of Valinor, the elder of the two. Created by the Valië Yavanna, Telperion lit Valinor in silver light and bloomed daily until Laurelin's time came. His leaves were dark green and shone silver underneath, and his flowers were a brilliant silver and shed a silver dew collected for both water and light.

Telperion stood during the Years of the Trees in Valinor, but along with Laurelin he was destroyed by Ungoliant and Morgoth in the Darkening of Valinor. His last flower was set in a vessel carried by the Maia Tilion and became the moon.

A different tree was made by Yavanna as a gift for the elves, in the likeness of Telperion but not shining with its own light. Seedlings of this tree, Galathilion, eventually were brought to Númenor, where the White Tree Nimloth grew in the court of the kings. From one of Nimloth's fruits came the first White Tree of Gondor (and Morloth, in time).