Ted Farmer

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Ted Farmer
Image of Ted Farmer
Gender Male
Race Man
Region The North Downs
Area Kingsfell
Settlement William Peake's Farm
Map Ref [10.9S, 50.4W]


Ted Farmer is found at William Peake's Farm in The North Downs, where he used to live with his brother Burt.

Quest Involvement


"I can't believe it: my home set alight! I wish I had never taken that terrible helmet!"

What happened here?
"I'll tell you what happened: someone set fire to the house my brother and I have beedn living in! We managed to extuingish the fire, but that's not all: whoever it was left this evil thing right out front!
"I think they were after that helmet I found, but they didn't get it! I sold it to a merchant earlier in the day!"
A helmet? What helmet?
"I'm sure it was valuable: gem-encrusted and very old. But it also made me feel uneasy, as if I wasn't supposed to hold it. So I sold it to a merchant in Trestlebridge. I'm sure that whoever ser fire to our house was looking for it, but they'll not get it!
"I have that to be pleased about, at any rate."
What will you do now?
"Our first home was sacked by the Orc army that came out of Angmar, so my brother and me found this abandoned place to live in. We'll have to go somewhere else now. Maybe Trestlebridge, or Stoneheight. I just don't know."