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While working on my Scholar's quest, I found this page trying to get quest items. I've noticed that this has not been updated since they split it into different barrows. My goal is to try and make a listing for all the different barrows.


  • Haudh Nogbenn
  • The Barrow of Ringdor
  • Haudh Iarchith
  • The Barrow of Goetham
  • Haudh Methernil
  • The Barrow of Taradan

Am I just missing these pages? I am not seeing them anywhere.

This page probably needs updating then if what you say is true, that it has been divided up into sections (like GA changed).. if you are uncomfortable with making these changes I'll get to it when I can enter the game! Rogue 14:29, 23 November 2010 (EST)"
Couple of weeks ago I updated this page with all locations of the seperate dungeons. Also added both maps for south/north barrow downs... so easier to find now :-) --Tiberivs 19:07, 7 February 2011 (EST)

They need to rename the Deed description: Brood Hunter -- Defeat Barrow Spiders in Haudh Iarchith -- because the spiders can only be found in Haudh Taradan, as far as I know. <<tworiverswoman>>

Hi, Lotro wiki is a community, we are no turbine/Codemasters and can't change anything ingame... We only put everything on this site which can be found ingame... so if the Deeds description is "Defeat Barrow Spiders in Haudh Iarchith" (which it is), we leave it that way untill Turbine fixes it. You are right ofc... after the split-up of the dungeon "Haudh Iarchith", spiders can only be found in "The Barrow of Taradan". I've added the info to the Deed-page!! --Tiberivs 19:06, 7 February 2011 (EST)