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Instance Article Completion Checklist

Completed Percentage
Introduction Text 2%
Instance Image 5%
Location Lore 3%
Location Entrance (+coords) 5%
Location Walkthrough 5%
Quests 10%
Overview 20%
Mob Names 5%
Mob Information 5%
Boss Table 10%
Boss Articles 20%
Loot Drops 5%
Map 5%
Current 75%
Total 100%

Note: Can anyone write an overview for this instance? I was always planning to, but even after running it at least 6-8 times... this is a BEAST of an instance, with the occasional branching path... I'm still not sure if I could formulate something that would be logical and easy to follow.

Mob Category Tree Experimentation

I've taken a better look at Category Tree Extension, so I'm going to use this article as my testings grounds for a new way to list the mobs in an instance so that doesn't look like a disaster. I just put a few mobs into the Fornost category, but now that I think about it again, it would be better to put the mobs into their own category, meaning a "Fornost Mobs" category. That category would then be listed as a category tree instead of that huge table for Mobs. --Fedaykin 00:46, 19 November 2007 (PST) PS: Haven't gotten around to responding to you here yet Adelas, I will soon, I promise :)

Quests & Mobs

A few things have come to my attention:

  1. This page is listing "outside quests". Although that can be useful, these quests have no relevance what-so-ever to the instance itself - which this page is concerning. I'd say we either move them (preferred) or remove them.
  2. I'm glad that the Mobs are finally getting some love... I had almost given up on listing mob names on instances because the pages were all non-existent. On that note, we need to give these new mob pages a proper layout before we have a thousand that all look different. I've done a work-over of Blogmal Reaver, adding a one-line summary and fixing up categories as well as the images, check it out. I have a few points for discussion:
  • Do the "Info box" images really add anything to the article that isn't already shown in the Infobox Mob on the right?
  • Right now we have the "Creatures" category listed, which is very general... couldn't we give each mob a new categorization now that Adelas has all the creature types sorted nicely into categories?
  • How about we also dump all the mobs found in an instance into the category for that instance? If I'm not mistaken that would allow us to have an expandable category tree that would list all the mobs in the instance. --Fedaykin 08:43, 10 November 2007 (PST)

Regarding 1) - Probably not. Where would you want to move them to? A page on "Fornost City" wouldn't be very exciting :p though possible. They already exist in the North Downs quest list. (Yes I have just updated it - I've never managed much of a run in there to sort the quests out, so I've used the Lore-book (which I prefer not to do) which is generally correct!) DancesInTrees 11:14, 10 November 2007 (PST)

Hi there, and thank you! to answer several questions:
A. I have a partial walkthrough for this on my guild forums, including notes on the individual quests. However, I didn't know where would be an appropriate place for it because it includes hints, opinions, and so on. I know that regular wikipedia is for facts only (encyclopedia, hello!) and ideas and opinions are discouraged. Is there a standard for this such as calling it Fornost-walkthrough or something?
B. I guess the Infobox images don't add anything, no, but sometimes that was all I had, and I wanted to have at least something to fill in the page. I guess the other motivation was that it was "proof" of the information I had included, and clarification because sometimes the morale would be, like.... 2561 instead of straight 2560 hitpoints.
C. Since I have not completed the category tree, I thought it would be good to have these dudes point to "creatures" for the time being until they have a finalized subcategory to live in... but I suppose you're right, it would be just as easy to change it from, say, "orcs". My intent is to make sub-trees for specific types of orcs (blogmals in this case) so that it will go Creatures-->Humanoids-->Orcs-->Blogmals and then on that Blogmals page to see a list of all the blogmal creatures in that category.
D. I think there is a creature/mob location infobox that could be used to (1) fill in the info about the mob and (2) autoinsert the appropriate category (because there is also a creature locations category tree), but IMHO it [the template] needs overhauling.
More as I think of it. --Adelas 10:47, 12 November 2007 (PST)
PS sorry about the "difficulty" thing.
Ok, unfortunately I sorta forgot about this discussion... so it's definitely time for a reply:
A. This would sound like the Overview that I was thinking of. You may need to edit it a bit though. Since this is an "MMO Wiki", we tend use slightly different (and usually more relaxed) rules than the regular Wikipedia. It is important for us to provide detailed walkthroughs, and since the "best" way to proceed is just an opinion, we usually list it as the "recommended" way of doing things. That way it simply tells people that using the recommended way is proven to get things done, even if it isn't the absolute best way to do it.
B. Well, on a page that only has the Mob infobox and a single summary line, I guess it's not a bad idea to have the info box images as a sort of "filler" until we come up with something better to put in there... if we do.
C. Sounds good.
D. I agree on that one, I've looked over it and sometimes it confused me more then it helped me. --Fedaykin 18:17, 25 November 2007 (PST)


So now that update 7 has been announced. Fornost is under change. (see I listed what turbine anounced on the article, and when the revamp comes we must be ready. I deem that the 4 bosses will be the wraiths (as summarized.) and that the instances will be the towers and the areas surrounding them. So we will await the update, and probably change the page a bit as more information is announced. --Bonzesquire (talk) 23:33, 7 May 2012 (EDT)

Having been on Bullroarer and run through the spaces, I can confirm this. Some sub-bosses have been moved, but most are in the same places. The space has generally been broken up along the original progression, encompassing a tower and the ward that leads up to it. Each has a challenge quest, and a completion deed. Many of the quests have been converted to repeatable ones granted inside the instance. -- JnK (talk) 08:55, 8 May 2012 (EDT)
I think that the diffrent parts should be made into several articles, as the GB and the GA instances is. As I don't have the QP though I can't offer any help in the walkthrouhh. -- Candlelight (talkcontribs) 03:29, 15 May 2012 (EDT)