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The lore on this page has been quite interesting to compile.

However, it is a mix of First, Second and Third age language and location names.

  • I have give the "common" name in parens () after the first reference, but the question is... which should be used later in the article? (I don't think I'm consistent.)
  • Also, in the second paragraph... the old North-South Road has multiple names... it is also "L" shaped.

Dunland is north of the part down at the Isen, but east of the part that runs North-south....

Anybody have any better phraseology than what I came up with feel free to "straighten" it out.

Planning for the end of the month: First pass on ROI layout ...

Geography: Top level Map is called Dunlending

Sub maps are
Gap of Rohan

[Dunlending Map] Areas: [North to South / West to East] (Horse Point name - coordinates)

Trum Dreng (Lahn Tarren - 75.3S 22.4W)
Bone-vales (Echad Naeglanc - 77.3S 15.8W) -- also spelled Bonevales
Tâl Methedras (Tâl Methedras Gate - 78.3S 11.2W)
Pren Gwydh (Galtrev - 79.9S 16.7W)
Starkmoor (Avardin - 83.5S 20.4W)
Gravenwood (Rohirrim Scout-camp - 80.9S 10.6W)
Dunbog (Lhan Rhos - 86.8S 23.0W)
Carreglyn (Barnovan - 84.7S 16.3W)

[Gap of Rohan Map]

Wulf's Cleft (no stable)
Isendale (no stable)
Heathfellls (Forthbrond - 86.9S 7.6W)
Heathfells (Grimbold's Camp - 87.8S 3.9W)
Nan Curunír (Dagora's Camp - 84.9S 3.5W)

Settlements... (virtually all have Provisioner, Supplier, Healer, Forge master, Relic Master, Task Boards, etc.)

Lahn Tarren
Galtrev (Primary hub - includes: Crafting Hall, Vault, AH, Bard, Skirmish Camp, Trainers)
Lhan Rhos
There are a number of other "quest settlements"

"Instances" -- settlements only accessable via quests

Tâl Methedras - epic book quest area
Wulf's Cleft

One question which occurs immediately.... there are multiple "camps" both Ranger and Rohirrim - clearly not "settlements" but they do offer services (including Task Boards) -- are they "locations?" Same question applies to those locations which are either quest or deed targets but offer no services -- I assume them to be locations.