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This article should be renamed to "Caradhras campfire" capitalized like that, compare text in related deed.

Compare with and and we end up somewhere else ;) --Zimoon (talk) 18:06, 8 September 2011 (EDT)

Or maybe not. It seems to be a peak in the area. The deed is about finding some camp under its shadow. --Zimoon (talk) 18:27, 8 September 2011 (EDT)
Agreed on the latter. Caradhras is indeed a mountain. :) --Ravanel (talk) 12:08, 9 September 2011 (EDT)

Add Category: Eregion?

Shouldn't this have a Category: Eregion tag? If this does need one, then the relationship between Caradhras (an Area?) and Tal Caradhras (a Landmark? because it is within Caradhras) also needs to be re-considered. Currently Tal Caradhras is listed as an Area within Eregion. -- DoIHaveTo (talk) 14:11, 5 December 2011 (EST)

I have not visited this location yet (too low a level) but since this article is not under a location category but more a "lore" styled article it is hard to tell. Look at this page for an update on how we categorize things in relation to the game. A "region" is very specific and there are just a few defined. Each "region" is split in smaller "areas" which are denoted at the map. And so forth. I am not sure what he purpose with this article is but it seems somewhat confused with the "area" named Tâl Caradhras, but that article is in fact far from complete.
I am the guy that tries my best to update all these locations stubs, to flesh them out and be more like the location articles you find in the Shire which is just completed (if it ever will be completed). Feel free to chime in, add great screenshots, and whatever, but try to follow the pattern we are using for best information flow and conformity. Feel free to speak at my talk page, or any other editor's, if you want to.
Zimoon (talk) 15:24, 5 December 2011 (EST)
I explored the whole area east of High Hollin, Low Hollin and Nan Sirannon - at no point does the compass, or the game, show I've entered terrain named Caradhras. This implies this page is based on Lore. The first quote is from another website and not taken from the game directly. The second quote is uncited, but might be a portion of the quest/deed to find the Fellowship's campsites.
Tâl Caradhras on the other hand is an Area (although not named on the map), which includes within it the named POI, The Burnt Tor. It comprises the terrain making up the mouth of the valley that culminates in the Red Horn Pass. As such I've edited the Tâl Caradhras page to make it an Area as best I can. However, it will need further editing and cleaning. For the time being I'm going to comment out material that I don't think pertains - but am not positive.
Great. You will find several articles like this one. Sometimes a submitter did not search thoroughly enough to find the proper page, or they were written in parallel, or there was a name mix-up at some point, or... But this is a wiki so we improve together as a team, as you do :)
  Quotes and citations are common, links are not always required but if all of the material comes from another web site there must be a link to it. If the material is found at Turbine's official site or from in-game that does not have to be spelled out or hinted about. Using quotation marks or not depends on the circumstances, or as for the update you made at Tasks yesterday, to tell a difference from in-game wording and how it really works.
  If material from this article is better told in Tâl Caradhras or not, I have not looked deeply enough to tell. Do what you think is best, whether that is merging material from here to there and mark/suggest this for deletion (using {{Delete Page|a good reason}}) or to decide for some coexistence.
  One little thing, the Category:Locations is deprecated, please do not use it. Good job with Tâl Caradhras, the template adds the article to all required categories, you do not have to add any extra categories at all to it.
Zimoon (talk) 03:08, 6 December 2011 (EST)