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Upon review of my in-game Deed log, I decided to update this list with some traits, especially what it takes to earn them. Please feel free to add information if you have it. We can use icons, minimum level requirements, #uses, and information on the "lower level" accomplishments and how they were earned. Broogen 16 May 2007


Captain Class page and all the other captain pages are undergoing a rewrite.

New version of the class page is currently located at User:Xander/CPT, if you have any changes or suggestions please post them at User talk:Xander/CPT!

  • New Deed page: User:Xander/Captain Deeds
  • New Skills page: User:Xander/Captain Skills
  • New Traits page: User:Xander/Captain Traits

--Xander 00:41, 1 February 2008 (PST)