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Reputation Barter NPCS

Nowadays locations can have reputation item barter NPCs; should they be listed under Vendors, Townsfolk, or their own subsection? In my rewrite for Esteldín I was thinking of adding another subsection like the ones for crafting, supplies and provisions, and equipment. -- David 20:55, 11 June 2010 (UTC)

Regions / Locations

Recently I wanted to add the upcoming new region Enedwaith, I've noticed that a lot of regions got a different style/layout, compare The Shire to Bree-land or Lothlorien for instance... Should it not be better to have a standard for all regions, I think the first thing people are looking for if they visit wiki is the region and from there on move on. Maybe make a new template just for regions? As for the template for locations I would like to suggest to add some more stuff too, like deeds for instance. Also, if you use this template you have to write all quests down separately, would it not be better to make use of a category (like I did for DN or Barad Guldur). Just some thoughts, let me know what you think!! --Tiberivs 03:49, 4 August 2010 (EDT)

I think there are a couple of separate issues.
  • I've been finding a lot of old Locations created before the boilerplate, and they're all idiosyncratic; getting them in the current format is a massive amount of editing overall, but can be dealt with piecemeal. On a smaller scale (settlements), I've replaced the Esteldín stub, and am working on Rivendell (slowly, in a sandbox).
  • The second issue is regions versus smaller sorts of locations. The way I read this boilerplate, it is intended to cover regions (partly by deleting sections). Thus for example regions typically might not have vendors like settlements, so you delete those elements. I'm not so sure a specialized region template is the right idea, since there might well be intermediate sizes between region and settlement. However it's certainly worth discussing!
  • Adding stuff certainly makes sense, and deeds seems like a very good idea. How brave do we have to be to add this sort of stuff? I'd like to add reputation barter NPCs like I mentioned above.
  • Some of us are starting to sort quest lists by difficulty level; I'm not sure that can be done via categories, but if it could, it might also be a good idea.
David 16:41, 7 August 2010 (EDT)

I've been thinking about Tiberivs's comments about a Region boilerplate being different from a Location one, and I think a list of differences between the two might help make a decision:

  • Settlements and similar small locations likely wouldn't have either mobs or deeds, whereas regions would.
  • Regions would have very, very few NPCs that weren't better kept within specific settlements. Barton Tyne is one of the few I can think of off the top of my head that might belong in a Bree-land regional page.
  • Regions seem unlikely to have Quest Involvement -- the list would be too bloodly long.
  • Regions could reasonably have a services list, primarily stables and milestones, and maybe mailboxes (though I personally would leave out mailboxes if it were up to me).
  • Regions might have a Crafting section but primarily things like "The main crafting area is in Michel Delving, with some farms near Hobbiton."
  • Is Fields of Fornost a region within the major region of the North Downs? It has its own points of interest and even a deed: The Western Ruins.
  • The North Downs regional page splits Points of Interest into settlements, waypoints, ruins, instances, and "other". I don't think they rate separate subsections, but they might make sense as a set of separate bullet points. In any case, that particular split makes a lot of sense for a region and not much sense for a settlement.

So I think a Boilerplate:Region makes sense, though perhaps it and Boilerplate:Location need to reference each other in the opening line to clarify which is appropriate for each. David 16:27, 14 August 2010 (EDT)

Deprecate This Boilerplate, Should We Not?

I believe this is the boilerplate that somebody will face if/when she goes via Help:Contents >> Article Creation:Locations, right? And since this category is going poof in due time we'd better deprecate it.

My suggestion is to have the article-creation go to this article but have a short and crisp info blurb and then people have choices between suitable boilerplates. Perhaps the helpful create-link goes to Landmarks but having links to the boilerplates for settlements, areas, regions, or just one link to Category:Boilerplates. I have not really thought it over thoroughly but feel that we should not link to here :) -- Zimoon (talk) 13:42, 26 September 2011 (EDT)

For now, use Create new location