Tactical Mitigation

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  • Tactical Mitigation is a Character Stat which reduces the amount of incoming damage your character takes from certain damage sources. It protects you from most attacks that are non-physical.
  • Acid, Fire, Frost, Lightning and Shadow Damage Types all fall under the category of tactical attacks and thus have their damage directly reduced by Tactical Mitigation.
  • Tactical attacks cannot be Evaded, Parried or Blocked, but they can be Resisted. You can see the type of damage being done to your character by viewing the Combat Log.
  • The primary sources of Tactical Mitigation are Armour, Fate and Will. A sizable amount can also be acquired through intelligent Jewellery choices and Virtue (Character Traits) selection.

The following Virtues increase Tactical Mitigation:
The following Virtues increase Fate:
The following Virtues increase Will:
  • Tactical Mitigation is an important Character Stat for Tanks and end-game raiders, as most Instance and raid bosses will do Tactical Damage instead of Physical Damage a strong majority of the time.
  • Most "Creeps" in the Ettenmoors (PvMP) do a majority of their damage as tactical, so this stat is highly valued for most Freeps.
Update 13.1
  • All classes now receive 1 point of Tactical Mitigation per point of Will and Fate.