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  • <B> Bastion - Pierwszy Polski Kinship na Withywindle zapraszamy graczy od 20lvla. Uwaga gwarantowana miła rodzinna atmosfera i członkowie na poziomie. First Polish Kinship, we're recruting only Polish Players.
  • <BA> Beer Academy - To pio aksiopisto Elliniko kinship ston Withywindle me paiktes 5etous thiteias sto game sas perimenei na mpeite stin parea tou.Melh gia na epikoinonisete ingame Senmor-Krom-Galantrien-Hlektra-Alkyona :) Hellenic Kinship.
  • Braveheart Warriors - We are a very new but rapidly growing kinship that does occasional kin events, RP, and instances together. We are a group that split from the Fire and Death kinship in early 2015. For the most part, we are a friendly kinship that just likes to chat, hang out, and have fun. If you are interested in joining, talk to an officer such as Veiralene (the current leader) or Legoflod. We accept all races and classes and we are an English-speaking kinship.
  • CZECH ROYAL KNIGHTS - one of the biggest czech/slovakian kinships in lotro, lifespan rank 10, active raiding base with proud title "Original Challengers of Saruman". For every czech or slovakian players on Withywindle - look no further, we welcome every kind of players. The kinship moved to Laurelin, where it was usurped and disbanded. Some of the players remain active on the server.

We are an active and friendly Kinship valuing loyalty, sharing resources and creating friendships between Kin. We are a level 10 kinship and have a home in Falathlorn. If you're looking for a user-friendly, sociable and highly ambitious kin, you can register at our forums or contact our leader ( Tishepsis ). All races, classes and levels are welcome to join us. If you have further questions, join "Dances with Wargs"

  • Defenders of Valinor - English speaking kinship. We are the protectors of Vala created by Eru Ilúvatar before the world, and are the greatest of his creations in majesty and power. Ilúvatar created the world in song (and thought) through them, and allowed as many as would to enter therein.. A very new kin created in April of 2013 we have reached kinship rank 7 and have a kin house in the Falathlorn Homesteads. We Accept all levels, classes and races and are always willing to help members with anything from crafting to raids. Please send a note or PM to Lucidir or Lillastan if interested in joining. Visit our website to join
  • <DotN> Dúnedain of the North - Motto : En gwend o ertha - The bond of unity - (STATUS: Kinship: R10; Members:1500; Recruiting: Decision after questionnaire; Member Requirements: Member status as a result of register at kinship website and agree with kinship commandments and rules.) We are committed to creating an community atmosphere, where the union, group spirit and cohesion will be part of our kinship. The Lore of the Lord of the Rings will be present with Role-playing for create storys full of fantasy, magic, enthralling adventures with mythical beings, heroic deeds, the unity for the sake of a common cause. Still, we will focused on enjoy all game content. We have an organized website (, forum, blog, TS3 private server. With your PRECIOUS help, "Dúnedain of the North" kinship will be friendly and great. Tenna' ento lye omenta.
  • <DB>Dutch Berzerkers - Een gezellige Nederlandstalige kinship van rank 8, met kinhouse. We hebben 100-120 leden en recruiten bijna dagelijks. We hebben behulpzame en ervaren spelers, we wisselen recepten en resources uit, craften armour, jewels, tools, LI's, relics en pods voor elkaar,.. We doen regelmatig samen instances (GB, Carn Dum, GS,..) en hebben zowat altijd wel een healer/tank ter beschikking. Kortom: een snel groeiende nuttige kinship om bij te horen. We accepteren alle rassen en levels :) wil je joinen stuur een tell (of in-game mailtje) naar Ringmaster, of een van de officers (Bolli, Lijmepoep, Iorlink, Tolluin, Brabo, Notexisting, Thrax,..)
  • <EDA> Edhel Annon - One of the big kinships on Withywindle. Founded few days after the launch of F2P by Lasaradan Litholendil. We are a social, optional RP, questing, dungeon doing kinship which accept all levels, classes, proffesions of any race. Our numbers vary between 130 and 150 members, and we are currently recruiting. Our staff is at your service at anytime if you want information or are interested in joining. Typ /tell Phinglophin for an invite, or one of the other council members. We however recommend you first visit our website and make an application there
  • <EL> Eleventh Legion - Eleventh Legion, the kinship, is a friendly and helpful group of active players. With a warm social atmosphere full of laughs and a rapidly growing member base Eleventh Legion is looking to the future as we climb from Rank 8 to Rank 9. Expanding our kinship activities to weekly events aimed at completing tough fellowship-focused areas we are constantly gaining new ground in middle-earth and teamwork as we build friendships and fellowship skills. Eleventh Legion owns its own part of middle-earth at 8 Long Street, Ravenmere, Breelands. With this central meeting point to gather our forces and hold our events there is much fun on the horizon for us. We accept all classes, races and levels. Most of of our members play around 18:00-23:00 in European timezones. Eleventh Legion was founded by Eglor on the 20th of December, 2010. It is currently under the leadership of Fainauriel, with Duilathlos, Eadris, Angladan, Crimson, Yorek and Umal as the officers. Any officer can be contacted in game with a /tell or mail, alternatively applications can be posted on our forums. We look forward to seeing your amongst our ranks. :)
  • Enemies of the Necromancer <EotN> - We are a newer kinship from 2013 made in march, At the moment we are on the 7th kin rank and soon the 8th. We are growing quiet quickly and are always happy for more recruits to join on the adventures of middle earth. The current leader and founder of the kinship is Sammaly, a dwarf. We recruit anyone who wants to be recruited and all we would like to see in return is a new friendly member who lights up the spirit of our kinship. We might not have the strongest members but I'm sure they will level up. We help each other out where we can and will be using new features as we advance. For some background information, the Necromancer as he is called in the Hobbit is basically the Spirit form of Sauron. But at least in my opinion, Necromancer sounds better than Sauron. Let us become Middle Earth.
  • Fire and Death - We are a Rank 10 Kin formed in early 2013, originally named the Sabretooth Warriors. We are a friendly, informal Kinship with many diverse players from all over the world, but mainly Europe. We welcome all who wish to join with open arms, as many long lasting friendships and memories have been made in the Kin and we wish to continue the atmosphere of trust, respect and loyalty - our Kin Values. There is always someone willing to help, whether it be with crafting, questing or general advice. We are not specialised in raiding or RP, but instead are very casual - you might find us playing 'Extreme Hide and Seek', 'Riddle Hide and Seek' or 'Sideways Horse Racing'. Our Leader Rodolin and our experienced group of officers are always available for a friendly chat! Contact one of us if you're interested or have any questions, or visit our website.
  • Founders Of Middle Earth (FOME) Was A Well Known Kin Founded In June 2011 And Disbanded In November 2013 With The Original Leader Punzel A Level 61 Guardian And The New Leader Halagard A Level 54 Guardian. Founders Is Now Called Alliance Of Middle Earth Located On The Dwarrowdelf Server.
  • Free Peoples <FP> - A starter Kinship, recuiting all Races and lvls. Formed in 2011, The kinship is only rank 6. We do normaly skirmishes, help the others in quests, have events and deed runs. Please send a tell/mail to thorinn, if you are interested :D
  • <HOV> Heralds of Valinor - We are a friendly, social active kinship. We like to help each other out as best as we can and try to enjoy our time on LOTRO. If you wish to join us please contact one of our officers and they will recruit you with no hassle. If you wish to know anything else about us please either ask a officer in out kinship or check out our Wiki, FB or Guild Launch page.
  • <IAH> I Anor Hilol - (meaning: "The sun is shining" in elven sindarin language). We are a friendly, easy-going and crazy group of players who love to play together and help each other out. We are an international kin, and therefore we speak in English to let everyone understand us. We are always looking for new recruits, and characters of all classes, races and level are welcome. We often organize raids and instances according to the availability of players and their levels. For more information, visit

llluminati of Patriots is a LOTRO kinship on the Withywindle sever. We are a well developed kinship and relatively large at Rank 9. Despite our size we still have room to grow and are growing at increased rates every day. We are an very active kinship and we are pretty easy going. We prefer members to be relaxed and be sociable with other members of the kin and have a good time. We are always helping one and another out and if you ask for help while apart of the kinship you will definitely receive it. We accept members of all levels, races and class. When you join our kin you will be graciously accepted to our kin and will fit in perfectly.

  • <II> Ithilien Illuminated - We are a kinship based on Withywindle, and are currently having a blast with all forms of gameplay! If you like endgame activities, but like doing them with sociable people and having a blast, then you are definitely an Illuminated individual. See you ingame! If you wish to join, please submit an application.
  • <LoC> League of Conquerors - The non-exclusive "League of Conquerors" is a Rank 9 Kinship always looking to recruit fun players just looking for a casual gaming experience. We do not require any members to be consistently active. We are unlike other kinships in that we participate in quarterly showcases ranging from battle ability to musical talent to fashion know-how, all held at our superb kinship house. With a large amount of over 400 members ranging from levels 5-95, and an outstanding Officer's Circle that is always willing to help out a member in need, we invite everyone to be a part of the "League of Conquerors". If interested, please contact Bramirour, Theodorian, Brimalf, Billybobjoejimjr, Avilina, Gevodhan, Sylvien, Carnthorn, Darktiger, Thorrek, Nerothe, Malinphor, Frances, or Fondolin.
  • <LotR> Legends of the Rohirrim - Consists mostly of experience players who played in other servers US/EU since 2007/2008, and with the changes in the game we chose a new start in this server. We focused on enjoy all game content. "LotR" have a helpful, fun-loving, knowledgeable atmosphere. With your PRECIOUS help, "Legends of the Rohirrim" kinship will be friendly and great. Tenna' ento lye omenta.
  • <TNB> "The New Brotherhood" - Formed on March, 27th 2011, by Hinilleb, Mcreafer and Misza, previous members of "Knights of Rivendell", this kin has as major concern the help of its members, by aiding them with weapons, armour or any other ingame items targeting their quick level up. And ALL this for free. If you wish to apply to an enjoyable kinship, just click on this title to acess our temporary website, or send a /tell to any of the three names mentioned above. Currently we are at level 4. We wait for you. Hinilleb, Mcreafer, Misza.
  • <TOB> "The Outlaw Brotherhood" - A Withywindle kinship since March 2011. The Outlaw Brotherhood is a casual play kinship which has gathered a strong core of mature players over the years of existence. At the time of writing (April 13th, 2013) the playerbase consists of around 130 unique individuals. Activities: Instances, Raids, Non-combat events, Music making, socializing and excellent new player guidance. Players of all ages, levels and play styles are welcome. The kinship provides a friendly and mature environment for everyone to enjoy the game.

Patriots of Middle Earth is a LOTRO kinship on the Withywindle sever. We are a well developed kinship and relatively large at Rank 9. Despite our size we still have room to grow and are growing at increased rates every day. We are an very active kinship and we are pretty easy going. We prefer members to be relaxed and be sociable with other members of the kin and have a good time. We are always helping one and another out and if you ask for help while apart of the kinship you will definitely receive it. We accept members of all levels, races and class. When you join our kin you will be graciously accepted to our kin and will fit in perfectly.

  • <PE> Portuguese Empire - The oldest kinship of the server in portuguese. We are a big family and a site/forum where you can participate!
  • Primitus Victor - recruits everyone that plays in this game, Class? Gender? Race? Age? We dont care really care who you are, just be a nice and friendly person who loves to help others and contribute to the kinship! Started begin 7th april 2011 ;) send a /tell to Monstermadness, ozu of Faelnirv!
  • "Quest Friends Forever" We are one of the top casual raiding kins on the server. Lead by the infamous Clemane, we enjoy having fun in the game, chatting in kin chat and of course raiding. Many of the 85's have several alts so there's lots of room for lower-level questing. We don't advertise or actively recruit, we are sweet-and-small. If interested in joining look for a QFF player or ping Clemane
  • <RoH> Raiders of Hades - One of the oldest kinships on the Withywindle, created in 2010, rank 10 kinship,with amazing kinship house (designed by a home designer) in shire homesteads. As of June 06, 2013 we have 58 pages of players (1160 people, maximum is 1200). We're still growing,nice and helpful community,also we organize raids and instances according to the availability of players and their levels. If you need help with quests,instances,skirmishes-you can count on us! Be legendary, go down in history, become a leader! Visit our website, for more information and members pictures ;]
  • Rangers of Din Guayrdi <RDG> - A mature Kinship, rank 8 kinship created from a group of players who have played together since the beta launch of LotRo. All players have migrated from Gilrain and have many level 65 characters on various servers. The name of the kin is taken from the Celtic-Britain name for Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. We cover all aspects of the game, as we feel this is the only way to play!
  • <SOH> Sentinels of Hope - One of the oldest kinship on the server - co founded by Theodes, Sheifarne and Erthallan- it has a laid back and friendly atmosphere. Members comprise of people +16yrs old from around the globe but english is the language spoken in kin. Their philosophy is pretty simple, come into middle earth to have some fun, de-stress and laughs with friends and yes kill some blooming orcs while you're at it. They have helped new players,done raids in moria/mirkwood era up to now, pvped during the boom in moors when good players were at it on both sides, stuck around when Withywindle had its drought pre isengard times. Even though some say LOTRO is declining in terms of quality gameplay and service, SOH have vowed to see it to the end of the road at mordor and to be there for the final battle versus Sauron's army.
  • SPARTANS Hail Withywindle! we are the Spartans a rank 7 kinship with a fancy kinhouse made for making the game a little easier with help and advice from experienced members we want to make the most out of the lotro fantasy world.If you wish to join us contact one of our members or sign up at our site.
  • <WOA> Watchers Of Argonath-A rank 10 kinship, created August 2012, covering all levels & classes. We have our own kin house at Bree, and a fantastic interactive website, (, and host events using Teamspeak 3 for any instances and raids. We are a mature group of players, sizing over 300 active in kin, and are always ready to help one another. We can help players with crafting, deeds, quests, instances, or general advice. We have members from all over the world, making it a fun experience to insure active players are always online in the kin round the clock. Whether you consider yourself an elite or casual player, we look forward to hearing from you. If you think you could contribute and enjoy kin life with use, send a note to any of our officers, primarily: Cariwen, Larthaider, Vlek, or Pengalas.
  • Trolls Bane - Friendly kin looking for active players of all levels. We do twice a month kin events. Contact a officer in game for more info.
  • CTPaHHuku - Russian speaking kinship, Киншип Странники сообщество русскоговорящих на сервере Withywindle, приглашает всех желающих! Если вы хотите к нам присоединиться - обращайтесь в игре к нашим офицерам. Ashigani, Pavlod, Mayya, Torgar, Silveren, Luthiek. Наш сайт - Будем рады Вас видеть!