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This article is a Kinship information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official LOTRO history or occurrences which are accurate for all worlds.
The kinships and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

Leader Cenefiel
Founder Samcrow
Successor Agorand
Officers Samcrow, Necroticowl, Agorand, Calaverian, Whuzzyboy, Steampunk, Robil, Thoroghon, Libsig, Sashha, Farorm, Dramif, Hakvard, Snurta, Saellandal
Kinship Rank 10
Date Founded 27th of April 2013
Kinship Type Race of Man (Despite our type of Kinship we will accept any race)
Primary Language English
World Withywindle
Kinship house Bree-land Homesteads, Whichouse, 1st High Road

Kinship Merge

The Patriots of Middle Earth has now merged with the Dances with Wargs kinship and is now apart of the Heralds of Valinor kinship


Patriots of Middle Earth is a LOTRO kinship on the Withywindle sever. We are very active kinship and are easy going. We prefer members to be relaxed and be sociable with other members of the kin and have a good time. We are always helping one and another out and if you ask for help while apart of the kinship you will receive help. We accept members of all levels, races and class. When you join our kin you will be graciously accepted to our kin and will fit in perfectly.

Kinship History

Our Kinship was founded on the 27th of April 2013 by Samcrow. We have rapidly expanded in our short existence. We have had other kinships merging with our own kin due to our rapid success and other kins wanting to join their kin to have a significant boost from our successful kin. We have had a very successful leader with enormous prestige and multiple officers who have all had very successful accounts. We have recently made this Wiki page, a Guild Launch page and lore for the Kinship and the Kinships's individual officers. We are now currently discussing creating other forms of Internet publicity for our kinship such as YouTube recruitment clips and a official Kinship charter. Although our Kinship has had a short existence we are maturing very quickly and we are gaining much more reputation, more Kinship allies and more recruits. We are now in the process of preparing for celebrations for our Kinship house we will receive next rank. You can join these festivities whether you are a kinship member or not.


If you are on the Withywindle server and wish to be apart of the Illuminati of Patriots just contact either the leader or one of the officers in the kinship. If you contact any one of these people and we will accept you into the Kinship as soon as possible with no questions asked. We are always happy to accept new recruits and we will always try to help enhance your gaming experience as much as possible in order for you to gain a more positive experience out of Lord of the Rings Online. The people you should contact in order to be recruited into the kinship is as follows:

  • Cenefiel - Leader
  • Samcrow - Founder
  • Agorand - Successor
  • Necroticowl - Officer
  • Calaverian - Officer
  • Whuzzyboy - Officer
  • Steampunk - Officer
  • Robil - Officer
  • Thoroghon- Officer
  • Libsig- Officer
  • Sashha - Officer
  • Farorm- Officer
  • Dramif- Officer
  • Hakvard- Officer
  • Snurta- Officer
  • Saellandal Officer


Within our Kinship you have the chance to be promoted to a higher Kinship rank within our kinship. The full details of how to become promoted within our Kinship and what benefits come with each Kinship rank is provided on our Guild Launch page [1]. However if you want a brief summary of what the Kinship's leadership team is looking for just try to show outstanding behavior, try helping the kinship in any way possible, try to help your fellow kinship members no matter how trivial the help may be, try to be regularly online and most importantly make sure you are an easy person to get along with and just have fun with the game.

Guild Launch

We have a Guild Launch page on the Guild Launch website. Although this Guild Launch page has similar traits to the Wiki Page (like our Recruitment details, Kinship lore and a Introduction) it is very unlike this wiki page. This Wiki page is very useful for introducing people to the Kinship and what it is about but the Guild Launch page is much more active and involved. A example of how you can get more involved within the kinship is our Forums. Our Guild Launch page has an active forum where we discuss ongoing topics about our Kinship life. This lets you contribute to our Kinship's decisions instead of our leader and officers making them for you. We also have a gallery were people in our Kinship can post pictures of their adventures in Lord of the Rings Online. We also have kinship news were we can announce decisions we have made. You can also let us know your thoughts on these decisions and whether we have your support or not. Although this Wiki page is extremely useful in introducing you to the kinship the Guild Launch page takes it one step further and gets you involved within Kinship life.

If you wish to become a member of our guild launch page you must first make a Guild Launch account. Once you have made an account come and visit our Guild Launch page[2]. You can either find a link at the top left hand of the column of our Guild launch saying; "Apply to Kinship", or click this link here[3]. Once you click either one of the links you should fill out a brief application form. This is just so we can get a rough idea about you and how we could improve the Kinship and/or Guild Launch page. Then the leader or one of the officers must accept that application form in order for you to be in the Kinship. We have a guarantee you will be accepted within 24 hours or less once you have completed the application form correctly. So when you have the time come and join our guild to be more involved within our Kinship.


Individual Lore


Not much is known of Samcrow's earlier life, but in recent times Sam has been out on the open ocean on 'fishing' expeditions.. although nobody is quite sure what exactly he was fishing for...

Upon hearing rumors of war brewing on his home continent of middle-earth, Sam has returned. In more peaceful times perhaps Sam wouldn't have received such a warm welcome, but in times of war an unlikely alliance between the heroes and villains of men must be forged, to unite together against a greater evil.


Necroticowl was born from a humble heritage in the woodland realm. He was a mere foot solider in the great Woodland realm army but a outstanding solider at that. After a disagreement with his superiors about capturing the heir of the fallen kingdom of Erebor he fled to the west in search of helping the needy. Necroticowl did not want to be apart of a kingdom or any significant force due to distrust he has of all nobility and the titled due to the impression he recived when the leaders of the Woodland realm captured Thorin Oakenshield. For a while Necroticowl did Nobel deeds on his own being distrusting of anybody. He fought off evil heralds, monsters and creatures to keep as much of western Middle Earth free from the clutches of evil. After these heroic deeds he was invited to join the Rangers of the North by the second in command Halbarad despite his Elven heritage. After his acceptance he worked not only in the west but in all of Middle Earth lurking in the shadows and fending off evil's clutches on the free people's of middle earth. After many years of service he was one of the most elite members of the Rangers of the North and he was entrusted to carry out a solo mission in Angmar. What he was meant to do in Angmar was only known to himself and the Chieftain of the Dúnedain. During his mission he went missing and was never heard from again. Some say he was killed by the enemy, some say he was captured, tortured and turned evil either voluntary or involuntary. However others say he still lurks in the shadows of Angmar fighting off what evil remains only to return when the time is right.


Agorand was one of the two unnamed blue wizards in the original 5 of the wizarding order sent to protect middle earth. He along with Saruman and the other unnamed blue wizard was sent into east for a mission unknown to anyone else except for those three wizards themselves. However during the time when they were in the east Saruman was tainted by evil and betrayed these two wizards to their death. They were then later revived with the help of ancient magic and was only possible due their origin of being Maiar. After being revived by a unknown force they fled to the west to get as far away from Saruman as possible. After fleeing they consolidated their current positions in middle earth and wondered how they could destroy the combined threat of both Sauron and Saruman. They did not trust Gandalf the Grey or Radagast the Brown because they had no idea if they were with or against Sauron and Saruman. Due to being only a fraction of their original strength they had no power to fight off Saruman by themselves let alone all evil of middle earth caused by Sauron. They then realised the best thing they could do is to warn their masters in the undying lands about Saruman's betrayal. However one of the wizards offered to stay behind due to the fact he wanted to observe Saruman closely and make sure his evil did not spread to the untainted parts of middle earth. In order to keep hidden away from Saruman he worked under the name Agorand and classified his magical talents as one of a Loremaster in order for Saurman not to take note of his existing presence in middle earth. To further hide his existence from Saruman he worked in the regions he would not bother to take note upon, however the regions he did help were ones that were in need of his aid. Agorand now gains his strength, courage, will and determination from the hope that one day the other blue wizard would return to middle earth with help.


Cenefiel was born of Nobel heritage in the elven kingdom of Mirkwood. She was one of the best hunters the kingdom had and was given many honours. Her most significant title was the royal hunter of the woodlem realm. This title was given to her after helping fight off Sauron's forces at Dol Gurth during the time of Bilbo's journey. After many years of her initiation to a royal hunter of the woodlem realm she was given the title of ambassador to Arnor. Although Arnor was already long gone after the civil war that occurred there were many innocent people to protect from the spreading evil from Mordor. In order to protect these people she needed make sure to make sure evil did not gain a foothold in this region and to make sure any nearby regions did not fall to the hands of evil. She is aided by many other good forces protecting this region such as the rangers, the mysterious Loremaster and the legendary burglar. Together they have successfully fended off many evil forces and not one has gained any territory near or in the former boarders of Arnor. So far.


Calaverian was one of the Númenor and had unnaturally long age. When he was born he was born into the heart of Gondor, Minas Tirith, he made his livelihood as a scholar wishing to know more about his Nobel and mysterious past as a Númenor. He was one of the more educated of the Númenor and researched and learnt about this power and why it was only gifted to only the Númenor and not all men. Later he discovered the origins but never revealed this secret outside his fellow Númenor kindred. After his recent breakthrough he was motivated and decided to continue his research in more depth. With years of research he discovered how to convert these mysterious energies of gifting him and his fellow kindred unnaturally long life to give him paranormal powers instead but in the process sacrificing his unnaturally long age. He did not reveal this method to any one but himself. Nobody knows why but rumour has it that it was a highly unorthodox method and he was ashamed to reveal the truth. After a sacred oath to the ruling Stewart at the time, Denethor II, and the Chieftain of the Dúnedain, Aragorn II Elessar, Calaverian would not mention this method to anybody despite those people he swore oaths to not knowing the method themselves. Nobody knows why they did not want to learn the secret themselves or for anybody else to learn of it however many people assume it is due to the fear of these unrestricted powers Caliverian had been gifted with. Many years after Calaverian had sworn his oaths to the Stewart of Gondor and the Chieftain of the Dúnedain, Denethor II betrayed this sacred oath for the sake of greed. He wanted to create a elite magical fighting force for personal body guards despite already having the best warriors in the land already to protect himself. Denethor II sent some of the most elite soldiers of Gondor to seize Calaverian to learn his secrets. However due to an anonymous tip Calaverian had already fled Gondor along with his possessions he used to learn the secrets Denethor so desperately desired. After the betray of his superiors Calaverian feared the elite men of middle earth including his fellow Númenor kindred. However hearing of the tales of the Illuminati of Patriots he seeked out their famous leader Samcrow and was put as one of the leading officers along with the mysterious Blue Wizard, the legendary hunter of Mirkwood and the lost elf ranger in the north.


Whuzzyboy was born in the kingdom of Arthedain, one of Anor's three kingdoms after the downfall of Anor and the most dominate Kingdom out of the three. Whuzzyboy lived a simple life with very rudimentary luxuries. When Whuzzyboy became of age he took up his father's profession of a bard. He preformed on the streets getting his living off other people's spare change despite having a extraordinary natural ability with music and instruments. When Angmar destroyed the Anor kingdom of Rhudaur, Arthedain and the other Anor kingdom, Cardolan, prepared what merger forces they had left and prepared for war. The call for war then came out to the citizens of Arthedain and were asked to enlist. Whuzzyboy was one of the first to enlist as a bard thinking his musical skills could keep up the troop's moral during battle. Angmar's next attack came quickly and hard at the Anor kingdom of Cardolan. Angmar reduced a declining but mighty kingdom into a small provence on the edges of Arthedain. Out of fear from the threat of Angmar the small provence that once could call themselves a kingdom placed itself under the suzerainty of Arthedain. Now with all of the remaining kingdoms of Anor reunited they once again the king of Arthedain renamed his Kingdom the Kingdom of Anor once again. However that did not help them when the threat of Angmar came down on them. Thinking they would hold their own against Angmar they were slaughtered swiftly and with ease. Anor was lost. The remaining citizens fled as quickly as they could, north to the Ice-Bay of Forochel seeking refuge there. Now in Forochel they thought they would be safe from the threats of Angmar, they had never been so wrong. Their Moral was held by a thread from the inspiring presence of the King of Anor, Arvedui. After losing the newly reunified Kingdom of Anor, Arvedui called out for aid. He asked the help from the Elves of Lindon and their brother kingdom, Gondor. They arrived too late however because Angmar lead by the Witch King himself were on march to destroy the remaining presence of Anor and King Arvedui had died by a terrible accident involving his ship crashing in the treacherous waters of the Ice-Bay of Forochel. With the arrival of the Elves of Lindon and the Men of Gondor the battle of Fornost begun. The men of Anor were then attacked by the horrors of Angmar and the remaining men of Anor were slowly being scattered. This is when Whuzzyboy had his most inspirational moment in his life. He saw through the Witch King's plan. He wanted to defeat what remained of Anor through fear and not bloodshed. Whuzzyboy blew through the Horn of Anor and mustered what troops that were left. He brought together a mere 500 soldiers of Anor and defended the life's of his troops. He kept them together though war cry's, songs of heroism and leading the charge. Before he was a mere bard living off other people's scraps but now he lead the remaining forces of what was left of Anor to what he thought would be their doom and like King Arvedui he stood out as a beacon of hope to his fellow kindred. After weeks of fighting, Angmar was defeated by 10,000 Elves of Lindon and 20,000 Men of Gondor with the Witch King in retreat to Mordor. In the duration of the entire battle only 100 out of the 500 men of Anor perished. Now that Anor was no more the former residents went and lived in other places. Some went to live in Bree, others in Gondor and most of the warriors joined the newly founded Rangers of the North made by King Arvedui's son; Aranarth. To much surprise however the champion of Anor, Whuzzyboy, did not join the Rangers of the North nor did he settle down in Bree or Gondor. He joined a newly founded organisation he found in Bree called the Illuminati of Patriots. Their leader Samcrow had heard of Whuzzyboy's legendary heroism he demonstrated in the Ice-Bay of Forochel and immediately placed him as one of his commanding officers. Although Whuzzyboy's deeds would never be commemorated and remembered in books or honoured with medals or titles he would be remembered by bard's songs in streets trying to live off other people's scraps and spare cash.


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Robil was born into a nobel Rohan bloodline with each of his ancestors achieving great deeds for their king and country. Robil was trained from birth to do several things like how to act, how to fight and most importantly how to ride. Robil excelled in many of these areas and succeeded all his peers in these areas. He behaved so well it impressed the king himself. He defeated any enemy he fought up close with and he knew how to handle any bow or siege weapon with ease. He also was naturally gifted in leading large numbers of warriors in battle and was a master tactician even defeating the famed Éomer several times in some practice war games. In any other kingdom he would of been the king's right hand man with ease but unfortunately for him he was in the kingdom of Rohan. Although in most areas he excelled in there was always one he failed in, riding horses. Robil trained day and night trying to master the ability of riding a horse and he could hardly get on the majestic beast let alone fight on it's back. Due to his failure to know how to ride a horse properly he was left as the Rohan's master of the defences, a dull and boring role, and since the great kingdom of Rohan is rarely attacked he did not do much.

Year after year his friends come back from battles and tell him of the glory they gained and victory's they earned. He had no tales of glory or victory's to tally and this frustrated him which made him angry he could not join them. Despite still training how to ride a horse he could not ride the beast and decide to leave this kingdom despite all his talents.

After he left the kingdom of Rohan he traveled north to lend aid as a mercenary to whoever needed it. Little did he know he was headed to one of the largest assaults ever on Middle Earth, the siege of Dol Guldur. When he finally reached the assault he was blinded by a bright flash of light. When the light started to fade he saw the source was from Galadriel, member of the White Council and bearer of one of the three Elvish rings of power, and before he knew it the battle was over and the fortress was destroyed. While Robil was stunned in awe an elvish rider came up to him. The rider immediately asked him, "Who are you and what are you doing here mortal?" Robil, quickly recovering from his stunned state responded; "I am Robil of Rohan, I seek people in need of my help but I see you require no assistance so I shall take my leave and see if the dwarfs of Erebor require any." The elvish rider then took a pause and said; "I have heard of you Robil of Rohan, you are the rider who cannot ride a horse." Robil being hurt by this remark responded by saying "I see my reputation precedes me. If you are quite finished your mocking I will take my leave." The elf quickly replied and said; "Wait! I did not mean to mock but I came to offer my teachings on how to ride, it may not be quite the same style as the riders of Rohan but it will suffice." Now Robil's reaction changed from sour and bitter to enthusiastic and happy. "I will accept that offer and will learn under your wing. However you know my name but I do not know yours." With a smirk the elf replied; "My name is Cenefeil, royal hunter of the woodlem realm."

After years under Cenefeil's tutoring Robil said his fair wells and headed back to Rohan on the back of a horse of war. Robil came back though the capital's gates like a war hero returning from a victorious battle. Robil when straight to the king and confirmed to him he was still alive and retold the tales of his journey. The King was pleased he knew how to ride a horse and placed him as general under one of his great armies.

Many years passed and Robil had many great stories of heroism to tell himself and became one of the most hardened veteran generals in all of Rohan. One day after coming back to the capital with news of his recent victory over one of the Ork tribes near the boarders of Rohan a Dwarfish force was passing through Rohan and reported to the King and his generals why they were passing through his lands. The leader of the Dwarfs said they went to destroy the traitors in Isengard but their resistance proved too great. Their leader Dramif ordered them to go and support the rest of their kindred in Erebor for the upcoming battle of Dale while he remained behind and joined a force that holds no ties or no allegiance to anybody and contains anyone willing to join them and fight for the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. When they named the leaders of this force Robil was surprised not only to see some of the most elite nobel people of Middle Earth fighting with them but to see his old friend and teacher Cenefeil fighting along side them. After hearing these names he suggested to the King that he join this force to serve as an ambassador to Rohan in this unorthodox and elite fighting force. The King of Rohan agreed and ordered him to meet up and join this force. Robil then left Rohan once again but this time on the back of a horse and instead of shame he was filled with pride. Robil then met up with the force when they were leaving Isengard's boarders. Robil saw many of the famed members of the army. He saw the legendary burglar marching and leading the troops from the front of the pack. He was the master of the Illuminati of Patriots and his name know around the world. He also saw the leader of the Dwarfs, Dramif. He was one of the most decorated Dwarfs in all of Middle Earth but Robil saw he was filled with anger which was understandable from his reacent defeat but strangely he showed a hint of satisfaction. The mysterious Lore-master led from the thick of the ranks, he was so powerful he was rumoured to be one of the missing blue wizards but of course they could only be rumours they couldn't possibly be true. Then leading the rest of the warriors on horseback was his old mentor Cenefeil. When she saw him she smiled knowing now they will fight side by side for the remainder of this war.


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Dramif was a born as a dwarf in Thorin's Hall, the capital of Ered Luin. He lived a normal life of any dwarf which mainly consisted of fighting, crafting and most importantly drinking. When he became of age he joined the Dwarf army of Ered Luin. Although he was young, by dwarf standards, he still excelled above his superior's expectations but because of his own overachieving ways his peers became jealous of him and shunned him. Instead of becoming upset from his rejection from his peers he worked much harder by constantly training and practicing his crafting techniques.

One eventful day, a few years into his recruitment of the Dwarven army his life changed forever. A bold attack against a Dwarf outpost near Moria instrumented by Mazog himself, the goblin king of Moria, son of Bolg and grandson of Azog the Defiler. Although this outpost was for only scouting purposes near the great kingdom of Moria, Mazog saw this outpost to be a potential foothold for the Dwarfs and sought to eliminate this potential threat. Mazog sent some of his finest warriors to eliminate the outpost even some of his personal bodyguard despite knowing the dwarfs has only few warriors, most being recruits and undertrained. Most of the warriors were taken off guard and were brutally slaughtered. The dwarf captain that was placed there to lead had his arms and leg shattered and laid on the ground in agony. Just when the dwarf captain gave up accepting his inevitable fate the young upstart dwarf warrior Dramif jumped in front of the fallen captain and protected him from the brunt of the force single handedly. Dramif then slew five elite Orc warriors and several goblins without them even laying a finger on him. After seeing the threat the leader of the force let out a shout from behind his ranks; "Get out of the way you puny Dwarf before I stomp yer face in!" Dramif then made a face showing his determination and stood still with a deafening silence which drove fear into the hearts of his enemy. The leader of the Orc force shoved and tossed his Orcs aside and came to the front of the pack. The leader was none other than personal bodyguard captain of Mazog, second only to Mazog himself. He pointed at Dramif and said only two words, "Your mine." After this challenge Dramif couldn't back down and ran at the Orc captain with his blade held high. The battle seemed to last for a life time and the two warriors seemed matched in every way but in the end the Orc captain's head was held high by Dramif proving that he was strongest warrior there. Frightened and terrified the Orcs ran away back to Mazog hoping to beg for forgiveness for their failure. The rest of the dwarf warriors who were driven away by fear came out of hiding now that the threat had disappeared. They were then ordered by Dramif to retreat to Thorin's Hall knowing that this forsaken outpost was bound to be attacked again. Although Dramif was the same rank as the rest of the warriors they accepted his orders without question since the Dwarf captain was incapacitated and he was the most likely candidate to lead after that impressive display of strength.

After the men returned to Thorin's Hall each one of them recalled the great feat of heroism Dramif displayed to their kin. Very quickly the tales reached the ears of Dáin Ironfoot; Lord of the Iron Hills, King of Durin folk and King under the Mountain. After Thorin Oakenshield's expedition to Erebor, Dáin Ironfoot, had taken control of his old territory of Ered Luin and annexed it into his existing territory of the Iron Hills. Dáin Ironfoot impressed by this tale promoted Dramif to be his own personal guard despite only having the elite numbers of around a dozen warriors. With this position he had as much authority as a general of a Dwarf army.

After many years as serving as Dáin Ironfoot's personal bodyguard and rising to the captain of Dáin Ironfoot's personal bodyguard he had earned many honours and respect amongst his own kindred. Although he had achieved what some dwarfs could only dream about he decided to lead his own expedition to Isengard like Balin had done to Moria. However unlike Balin, Dramif's expedition was to defeat the new threat of shown by the traitor Saruman before it grew any bigger and not to reclaim a lost kingdom of the Dwarfs and also unlike Balin he had received the blessings of the King and his good wishes. Although the trip to Isengard was long and dangerous they made it alive however the trip took much longer than Dramif had expected it to be and the new threat was now developed into one of the biggest stronghold on Middle Earth. Dramif could not back down from his quest now, not after all the trouble they took to get here. Dramif then charged the enemy and took down as many Orcs as they could but the enemy proved too great for them to overcome. Before they were fighting to destroy the fortress of Isengard and Saurman but now they were fighting for their lives. Although they were struggling against the new and advanced breed of Orcs, the Uruk-hai, the most elite warriors came from the depths of Isengard and came to finish off what was left of the force, the Berserkers, the most powerful Uruk-hai to come out of Isengard and rumoured only to have eleven out of the tens of thousands of Uruk-hai. Three of these hulking beasts came out of the depths and went straight for Dramif in hopes to cut the head of the snake off of this Dwarven army. Dramif was overwhelmed and could not kill a single one of these Berserkers let alone three. Then he was knocked to the ground and like the dwarf captain he had protected so long ago he knew he was doomed. Then out of nowhere one of the Berserkers fell from an arrow that hit his single weak spot with accuracy even to challenge the Bard himself. Another then fell to the elements of fire, wind, earth and lightning that stuck him unnaturally and simultaneously. The last one also fell at random with suddenly having a blade sticking out the front of his chest. A figure then slowly materialised out of thin air behind the fallen Berserker revealing himself to be the leader of the mysterious and rumoured Illuminati of Patriots, Samcrow. Then from behind Dramif the mysterious Blue Lore master walked with grace to Samcrow’s side, he was so famous he was rumoured to be one of the two missing Blue Wizards from tales and legend. Next to him the legendary Royal Hunter of the Woodlem Relm, Cenefeil, who was even more famous than Dramif himself and known for his great deeds and selfless acts. Samcrow then looked at his other warriors who were fending off the forces of Uruk-hai and ordered some of them to aid Dramif and what remained of the Dwarf force to retreat to a safe distance for them to heal their wounds. After the battle was over and the Illuminati of Patriots had saved the Dwarf force Dramif ordered the majority of his remaining troops to go to the Dwarf fortress of Erebor, which was also controlled by his master Dáin Ironfoot, and aid him in the incoming battle which was about to take place there, later known as the Battle of Dale. He left his troops under the command of his first lieutenant and told him to tell King Ironfoot he will only come back to his glorious Dwarf kingdom once he has redeemed his loss and he will be staying with the Illuminati of Patriots to complete that oath. Now one of the officers of this unorthodox army he will always be fighting to help the free people of middle earth and to redeem to what he deemed unworthy, although in reality he had done nothing wrong apart from go up and beyond his call of duty. On that day the Illuminati of Patriots received one of the most famous, proud and best warriors Middle Earth has ever seen.

Kinship Lore

This history of the Illuminati of Patriots has been broken into two chapters; the first chapter will cover the origins of the kinship, the second chapter refers to the Illuminati of Patriots in the late Third age.

Chapter One

The Patriots of Middle Earth began as a network of returning soldiers from the Last Alliance and the seven year siege of Barad-Dur.

After Saurons defeat at the hands of Isildur, many of the Captains and Lieutenants amongst the Dunedain were deeply disturbed by the remaining presence of the One Ring. They were the few men who had knowledge of the events that happened after the Ring was cut from Saurons hand and were outraged that Lord Elrond had not intervened in the destruction of it. The men pleaded with Isildur to return to Mount Doom and exact revenge against Sauron for the death of his kin. Still mourning the loss of his Brother and Father reasoning with Isildur became a difficult task, the men decided to forget the matter for a time and discuss what needs to be done upon returning to Osgiliath capital of the Kingdom of Gondor.

It was the dawn of a new age, and all awhile the celebrations and feasts Isildur’s closest allies remained solemn knowing that their King had failed in his task and were shamed that the relic of Sauron the sworn enemy of the Númenor had survived this long and attached itself to the heart of Gondor, their King. The men feared greatly for Isildur, they had fought alongside him in many battles on the campaign of the Last Alliance and loved him as a brother but any talk about the Ring being destroyed would flare Isildur’s temper and if the subject was not dropped altogether his anger would turn to rage becoming almost violent. Not long after their return to Osgiliath Isildur changed his royal guard and promoted new Captains for the army, his former lieutenants were dismissed from service and granted lands and wealth for their sacrifice in the war. The men had become suspicious that the Ring had somehow bent Isildur’s will against them and thought perhaps Elrond knew away to be rid of what sorcery clouded Isildur’s mind.

It was a long journey to Rivendell and the group decided not to seek counsel from Lord Elrond on the subject of the Ring, Isildur may have lost his way but he was still King and to consort with the Elves without his knowing may prove more immediately dangerous than the Ring itself. It was Elrond who informed them of the rings power and the great threat it possesses in the first place and several of the men had lost trust in Elrond after he allowed the ring to remain with Isildur. No, it was decided among them that what would happen next must be kept secret known only by those that had served in the highest ranks of the Last Alliance.

A plot to steal and destroy the Ring was planned, but such a plan seemed impossible as Isildur had not parted with it even once since he had acquired it. The only other option was to obtain the Ring by force.

Isildur would keep no less than 6 yards distance between those who seek counsel and himself; Hard enough to disarm a warlord let alone from this distance and the group numbered no more than 7 men hardly enough to overthrow the kings court, and they dare not speak with anyone else to rally a force large enough; to be found out would undoubtedly be punishable by death. Even if they somehow managed to get hold of the Ring escaping Osgiliath would be nigh impossible. The plan demanded for a location far from the reach of the Gondorian army, room to escape into the wilderness.

Isildur had decided to return north to Arnor and rule over one Kingdom leaving the Kingship of Gondor to his Nephew Mendeldil son of Anarion. Isildur begun taking Mendeldil on short trips across his future kingdom grooming him for when the time comes for Mendeldil to take the throne. Now seemed an opportunity for the band of Patriots to capture the Ring and put an end to it once and for all. An attempt to recover the Ring happened near Firien Wood, west of Osgiliath. They failed and one of the men suffered a fatal wound during the raid and died shortly after they escaped. Their identities remained hidden but Isildur had doubled his Body Guard. It was a grim day when the band of Patriots accepted that they may need to use lethal force against their own king, their old friend but the war against Sauron had already claimed the lives of so many they wondered that a handful more was worth to have Sauron banished forever.

In September of the 2nd year of the Third age, Isildur set out for Arnor with a company of two hundred Knights. Amongst them 20 soldiers, Patriots of middle-earth who had joined the cause of their former lieutenants serving the greater good over the twisted will of their now corrupted king. Isildur made for the Misty Mountain pass entering the kingdom of Arnor from the Ettenmoore. The plan was organised many months in advance to take place on the first night after crossing the River Gladden. They had a force large enough to surround Isildur and liberate the Ring from him, the Ring would then pass to a scout upon a Númenórean steed who would make a dash for Mirkwood forest where the rest of the Patriots made camp. The remaining 20 soldiers were ordered to surrender once the rider had possession of the Ring. The heavily armoured war-steeds of the Gondorian army would stand no match against the speed of a Númenórean bred horse. The kinship would leave the forests of Mirkwood on the arrival of the Ring, any delay could mean capture and Mordor lay many leagues to the south-east.

On the eve before the company were to cross the Gladden a large horde of Orcs marched down from the misty mountains and ambushed Isildur’s force, a terrible battle ensued. The scout tasked to recover the Ring stalked the tree tops of the forest never daring to take his eye from Isildur, he felt a betrayer watching his comrades and countrymen fall but a chance still remained to complete the mission if he just stay camouflaged atop the canopy waiting for the precise moment to strike for the Ring. As Isildur’s lines broke and it seemed the battle lost the scout reported Isildur vanished into thin air.

The ‘Patriots of Middle Earth where first to hear about the Disaster at Gledden River and rallied the Wood Elves to aid them in finding any survivors. The Orcs left none alive but one who had fallen underneath the bodies that surrounded him. Despite the combined efforts of the Elves and the Exiles no trace of Isildur or the One Ring could be found. In the years proceeding the first ‘official’ records of the “Patriots of Middle Earth ” can be found on documents commissioning Dwarven engineers from the Grey and Misty Mountains with excavations and dredging of both the Gledden and the Anouin Rivers.

Chapter Two

The ‘Patriots of Middle Earth’ have continued their search for the One Ring for almost 3000 years. In the course of that time the entire length of the River Anouin had been searched more than once.

After all this time it was entirely possible the Ring had been picked up by the current and brought out into the depths of the Belegaer the Great Sea the Anouin flows into far south near the boarders of Umbar. Fierce Pirate tribes had risen to power in the third age. Generations old these treasure hunters of the Great Sea had accumulated more wealth than the Kings of old but greed had crept into their hearts and minds. The Pirate Lords would fight and pillage any ship that did not bear their mark; hordes of treasure would be captured and recaptured. The Patriots of Middle Earth remained very much an anonymous organisation, infiltrating the crews of the Bay combing through their piles of gold and jewels looking for the One Ring. The descendants of the those Lieutenants kept safe the secret of the One ring and the locations it may be found but men are so easily corrupted and the sworn secrecy was betrayed to a spy of Mordor. In the Bay of the Belfalas at the mouth of the Anouin a new and far more perilous style of excavation was about to begin. Ships of Orcs and men from the East began to pour out from the River Harnen, Battle Ships equipped to board and destroy all those who searched for the missing Ring. Samcrow Captain of the ship Goliath and his crew of dwarfs and men had been searching the Bay under the guise of a fishing vessel and had made some progress surveying the area. They had found many priceless treasures hidden in the reads and reefs of the Great Sea but a plain gold ring with the Elvish markings was never to be found. The growing loot on board the ship had become somewhat of a liability, and very much wanting to stay unnoticed by the Pirates he set sail for Osgiliath where he had contacts to off load the cargo. Black ships marked with the eye of Sauron had barricaded the mouth of the Anouin. Cut off from the River the Goliath circled the Bay evading capture waiting for ships to be sent from Gondor to push back the blockade... alas the ships never came.

For five years the Goliath was trapped in-between the forces of Mordor and the Pirates of Belfalas. The Patriots of Middle Earth agents on board the other ships united together under the sails of the Goliath. The Bay had erupted into all-out war. The juggernaut of Mordor began to conquer the ships of the Pirate Lords plundering there treasure for the Ring. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less. Was the attitude amongst the rival Pirate tribes. Individually the ships of the Bay would fall to Mordor. After many years and with no end to the conflict in sight, Samcrow requested an audience with the leaders of the 5 Great Tribes. The Lords of Sea met in secret under a parlay with Samcrow. Sam sat them down and began to share for the first time the age old secret of Isildurs Ring; he explained the invasion of the Orcs would not stop until the Ring was found. The Lords of the five tribes fearing the loss of their treasure and the impending doom of their dynasty agreed a truce to be called between them. As for Samcrow he was condemned to the gallows for his part in sparking the Orcs sudden interest in the Great Sea. But after initial tempers had cooled down, the Lords gave permission for Sam under close guard to search through their secret mounds of wealth to find the Ring the Orcs so violently coveted.

The council of Pirate Lords after much debate gave command of the united fleet to Samcrow aware of his abilities as a sailor, able to remain uncaptured after so many years on the Belfalas and his un-biased affiliation to the five Pirate tribes. Samcrows orders as Grand Admiral of the fleet were to first destroy the blockade of the Anouin and then attempt to retake the territory near the Harnen River. In the year 3018 the united alliance of the Great Sea set sail for the Anouin River. One-hundred and fifty ships strong they still remained out numbered two to one. Saurons forces had a new type of weapon fuelled by the mysterious new black powder. Although the crude Orcish ships could not manoeuvre with the speed and accuracy of the ally’s, this deadly new fire power sank many ships and victory balanced perilously on a knifes edge. The Goliath carved through the rough sea inflicting many casualties on the enemy, fearlessly the crew plunged into the flame ridden lines of Mordor. The sea became so rough it too joined in the battle sinking ships on both sides. A blinding flash appeared to the west behind them, and a terrible bulge in the Belfalas raced towards the battle. Growing in size the bulging mass of water became a threatening wall as it advanced into shallower water. A tidal wave of immense fury was upon them. The filth of the Orcs and the corruption of the Pirate Lords were to be wiped from the Great Sea in an unstoppable act by the Valar. When the wave broke it towered above the sails and masts of all ships.

Only one remained afloat the white water after the wave had passed. Taking on water the crew of the Goliath hurried to reach land abandoning the Goliath three-hundred yards from the nearest coast. On the shores of Dor-en-ernil a lone figure of an old man greeted them. Samcrow indeed knew of whom stood before him and the two had much to discuss that night around the camp fire. Gandalf suspected the Ring had been found and requested they journey north to the region of Eriador as they may be of some assistance in the safe keeping of the Ring and it’s bearer. Sam and what remained of the Patriots of Middle Earth followed the instruction of the Wizard and arrived in Bree-lands several months later. Men and Women of the free peoples of Middle-Earth still unite together under the name of the Patriots of Middle Earth a Kinship that is no longer bound to the shadows and covert investigation of the Rings disappearance they openly recruit and in list the help of those who would take up arms against Mordor…