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NOTE: The Meneldor server is closed. The kinships listed below remain for historical purposes only.

  • in Arnediad od Arnor - The name of our kinship means "The Countless of Arnor" in Sindarin (elvish). We are a Casual and Adult kinship created by a small group of friends interested in helping each other. Currently most of our members are focused on Instances and Skirmishes, but we welcome players interested in the development of any aspect of the gaming experience. The kinship has immediate plans for purchasing a kinship house and we have our own ventrilo server. All members of the kinship speak fluent english and most of us speak portuguese as well.
  • Astaldos- In "The Silmarillion" the Valar are the Powers of Arda (Powers of the World). Out of these, one of the strongest and greatest of their warriors -who was named Tulkas- earned his surname of Astaldo, for being valiant and strong. The Astaldos kinship enjoys group play and we treat eachother like family. Need help with something, just ask and if someone is able, we'll more than likely come help with more help than you need. We enjoy skirmishes, questing and raids. We push ourselves to see just what we can accomplish. We try to keep drama for the sake of drama out.
  • Asylum - We are a tight knit kinship that likes to PVP and we are middle earth's mightiest trash. Our leader is Mellina and our officers are Reirisa, Bimliorin, Warbeam, and Mourinho.
  • BreeTown Irregulars - is a Kin composed of friends. Some members have been gaming together for decades, others are new friends we have met and adopted during our journey through Middle Earth. We all love the game and we enjoy grouping together. All of us are willing to answer any question or to help with any task! We are explorers, crafters, epic questers, and just all-around good people. All ages, all levels, and all classes are welcome to join our company! We will quest with you before extending an invitation to join our Kin. Contact Kiporin, Oskmey, or any member you meet in-game for more information.
  • Brotherhood of the West- Brotherhood of the West is a new kinship on the Meneldor server. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Mathwulf or Meriladu in-game or via their website.
  • Carnival of Shadows is a small kinship (Ethelred, Sanguinius, Tirr, Razorhawk, Zorr, Moag, Bloodyy, Isengrim, Arandore) of friends who have been gaming together for years. We are accepting new members but we do not accept members under the age of 21. We are VERY tight knit and oriented toward helping one another in ALL aspects of the game. We play for fun, and like to pvp, not to be "uber". Look forward to seeing you out there on Meneldor.
  • Chronicles of Middle Earth- Chronicles of Middle Earth is a Role-Playing Kinship Based on the Meneldor Server. We have no level-restrictions, and welcome anyone who wishes to join us in Role-Playing. We are helpful, friendly, and Inventive in the way we role-play through LOTRO. We do have fun Kin-Functions, A unique "Risk" style PVP RP feature, public events, things such as Sparring Tournaments, Etc. We are a new kinship established on October 4th, 2010. Leader: Midlaeren Forum
  • Clan Draconus Lupus (AKA The DragonWolves) - The CDL is a gaming team with almost 10 years of experience and friendships among us. We desire to immerse ourselves in the Lore and the storyline of Tolkein's Middle Earth. We wish to be able to game together and rely on each other to bring separate talents of individuals using various classes and abilities to provide the richest experience possible. We desire to have a mature and reliable kinship. In order to do that we are looking at recruiting solid individuals who exemplify the Clan Draconus Lupus motto. Honor – Valor – Victory. Interested? Drop by our Web Site and make a post.
  • The Covenant is comprised of players from WOW, Everquest, Ultima Online, and others, we are an adult guild that is not only focused on end-game content, but honor, dedication, fun, and family. Aiming for the top, but very laid back. Looking for the best without egos. Stop by our site and introduce yourself. The Covenant has achieved world first kills on Mordirith, Storvagun, and Grisgart. They were also the third kinship in North America to kill the dragon, Thorog, and 4th in the world.
  • Dark Defiance - is a small kinship that was formed in 2009. Our members enjoy crafting, questing and helping each other.
  • The DarkSiders are a casual, fun and active guild on Meneldor open to all. To apply for membership, contact an officer of the kinship (Mograr, being one).
  • Dominus Nihil was established in September of 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies. We are a casual guild with mixed relaxed, serious, and helpful gamers. Dominus Nihil has branches in several MMOs and continues to grow everyday. We are very family oriented with mature players (age and playstyle). Dominus Nihil requires nothing from its members other than respect and a good attiutude, however we still host regular, popular raids and group quests. We are a stable guild founded with leadership of a Council/Elder system meaning that no one person has power and allows new members to contribute directly to the guild as a whole. We are a good sized guild, but purposely will never be the largest on the server. Most importantly, we enjoy the company of our fellow DNers and strive to keep the legacy of DN passing through many games over the course of time.
  • Dwellers of the Old Forest: We are an ever growing kinship that accepts everyone. We love to share in your ideas, achievements, or even failures. We also strive to help whenever, or however, we can. For more information, check out our forum at Find us on Youtube and check out our varies videos. Hope to see you in game :)
  • The Dying Race is a kinship that accepts players, of any level, race, and class. We have a close community and players that will leave everything to help you.We have a kinship house in Bree-land homesteads. We have crafters that will craft anything from a sword to an outfit. This kin is one of those that will help you in any way possible. The kin is called the Dying Race because you won't find players helpful as this.So what are you waiting, come and join us. Leader is Specials. Officers are Specone, Lastwarden, Echeldiel, Etciel, Alassien, Seamaiden, Camargorn, Fainodel, Ringior, and Nestedis. :D
  • Eagles of Thorondor - The Eagles are an active, international, and democratically-run kinship. We are a social kinships that also runs skirmishes, instances, and monster play, as well as having fun social events, known as Eaglestock, every other week. The current leaders are Guivien and Saedhillian, both of whom were voted for in an election. If you'd like more information, please visit our website or contact an officer in-game.
  • Exilados da Terra Media é uma kinship criada a partir de fragmentos de outras kinships brasileiras. O símbolo de nossa kinship é a espada Andúril que foi usada nas mãos do rei de Gondor logo após ser restaurada de seus fragmentos. Igualmente nossa kinship tem o foco de restauração e união de brasileiros em nosso server Meneldor. Nosso foco não é necessariamente o end-game ou o pvp, nosso foco principal será sempre a diversão. O nosso líder é o Champion da raça dos homens Grimtiadric e o sucessor o Champion da raça dos homens Arekoth. Para se juntar a nós e se tornar épico conosco é só chamar por algum officer no World channel Se você fala português te receberemos de braços abertos. Para mais informações entre no nosso grupo do FB.
English translation - Exilados da Terra Media is a kinship created from fragments of others Brazilians kinships. The symbol of our kinship it’s Andúril’s sword that was used by the King of Gondor right after was restored from fragments. In the same way our kinship have in focus the restoration and re-union of Brazilians on the server Meneldor. Our goal is not necessarily the end-game or PvMP but always the fun together. Our leader is the Champion of the race of Man: Grimtiadric and the successor is the Champion of the race of Man: Arekoth. If you want join us and become epic with us you just have to call for any officer in the World Channel. If you speaks Portuguese we will receive you with open arms. For further information we have the FB group
  • The Exploration Society is a friendly, mature and community focused kinship. We are a multi-national, casual Kinship. Our gaming philosophy is to play as a team, help our fellows, and enjoy the game. We like to experience as much of the game's content as possible, exploring every part of the game that can be explored. We welcome you to visit us at our website for more information.
  • Fellowship of the Rabid Wombat is a small kinship, consisting of friends who have gamed together across many MMO games. While they do not actively offer membership, they always welcome people who want to be a part of their small fellowship. This kinship has been around since open beta and also run their own teamspeak server 24/7. Currently their kinship leader is Ezri, with Asile as their second in command.
  • Fist of Durin - is a new, but fast-growing kinship. We are always looking for new members and anyone is accepted. However, if people have not been logged in on Lotro for a long time, they will be kicked out. The kinship is focused on dwarfish members but others may of course join too. Since the kin is new we have no lvl recuiried to join but later something like that will be used. Members who have been online much and making progress in the game and the kin will be rewarded with kinsmen positions. People working even harder might become officers. Look for us out there - And remember to stay true to Durin and his folk!
  • Free Peoples of Middle Earth is a family-oriented kinship, with husband/wife, father/son, brothers, etc members. Individuals also welcome. No age limit. We typically quest with you first before issuing an invitation to join. Casual play, with some kin on a lot and some not. Members include those who have been around during beta testing for a long time and those new to the game. Group questing emphasized, as well as mutual crafting support. One of the original LOTRO beta kinships - endorsed by Gandalf! Best way to contact us is to send a tell within the game to an officer(Remgoth or Longshanks). Web page and Ventrilo chat supported.
  • Guardians of the Forsaken Woods ( is a kinship focusing more on the beauty of the game and the comeraderie of its players. We prefer a kinship of fun loving , friendly players who assist each other is crafting, quests and just passing the hours in good conversation. Usually about 30 active players we prefer quality over quantity, in our kin folks get to know who you are and not just how you can help them in the end game. We take our time and develope more than just charcters, we develope friendships! Come and join this uunique kin with its joyful and enlightning style of play.
  • Helm's Deep s a Rank 10 kinship with a primary focus on mastering end-game content in our own time and with respect for one another at the core of who we are as a kinship. We enjoy having fun in-game with a great appreciation for the lore of Tolkien and Middle Earth and strive to be a kinship built upon integrity and respect for one another.
  • Hogs of Destiny is a kinship that strives to have fun in Middle Earth! We are mostly altoholics that enjoy end-game content, deeding and PVP. Hogs is always recruiting the dirty and unwashed masses of Meneldor. Contact Drunkard, Keenaaruby, Kobli or Lorebreaker for more information.
  • The Inklings We are a mature active Kin that runs end game content nightly. Our mission is to guide our kin to Mordor and launch a massive attack against the Black Gates, to once and for all shut the lidless eye. Visit our webpage and learn more about us or join our in-game chat channel - /joinchannel theinklings.
  • Inquisitors - The Kinship that has no rules, because the leader doesn't like them. There aren't any real obligations, you can join our Kinship just to use the name if you want; as long as you can put up with the stupid and sometimes hilarious conversations we have through the Kinship chat. We like to help each other with crafting stuff, and if you need help questing, just speak up.
  • Istari Two Thousand Six Hundred - A relaxed kinship that is just looking to enhance what we believe is one of the best MMOs out there. We're always looking for gamers who are down for a laugh and not interested in taking things too seriously. You can always be sure of help in the form of questing or crafting, and we're open for suggestions on how to improve the look and feel of the place. Drop a line to Roninhelm, Gata, or Daiken if you're interested in signing up with this group of misfits.
  • Knights of the Immortal Order - We are a casual kinship on the Meneldor server who value friendship, fun, and teamwork over the necessity to focus on endgame scenarios such as raids. We DO try to get our fair share of experience with the ever-expanding list of raids and complex instances, but a majority of players are involved in casual play. We prefer to group with players before admitting them to the kin, but any player is welcome to group with us and evaluate whether or not this kin suits your in-game goals and temperament. Feel free to send a tell to any of the online KOTIO members and we'll get you hooked in with our groups anytime.
  • The Legion -The Legion is now currently recruiting active members of all levels,we have helpful officers, and ventrilo server. To join The Legion you must make an account on are website and post info on recruitment forum.Feel free to ask one of our officers: Sivnok, or Rogg, or me the leader Renamego if you have any further info.
  • Mordor Army - Probably one of the kinships that promise to be one of the best of its kind. Founded in the valleys of Mordor. This kinship accepts players of any class and level. It is notable for it's great parties that last for months or days in his kin house where beer, horse races and other tournaments always are there. If you want to join in this amazing kin just contact whit Ambrosio the leader of the kin.
  • Nightwalkers - New! this is a brand new kin made up of every one being new to the lotro community! Why is this? The reason is simple, so we all enjoy the this new magical experience together as a big family! Was started by three friends, who decided to start it to improve by helping in; crafting, leveling, grinding, tp earning, and more! we work towards having fun in the game by either going solo or as a team. We currently don't use any type of chatting servers, but we still tend to have fun! Its been growing a lot the last few days, and we try to always be one step ahead of new updates and info crucial to a character development. So swing by at any time, for a beer or two with any of the members and give it a shot! you never know when you might end up as a kinsman or even officer ;) One more thing, even if you are from other kins, maybe even officers or leaders from other kins, that just want to join up with a new kin for help, have fun, or even maybe fights then come along! we are not just about getting big as a kin, but also as a community in Meneldor! PM Hasangarth or Langdeleg.
  • Oakenshield Defenders - Originaly from SWG Myself (Proator) and Jaycruel from Corbantis founded this Kinship and changed the name from Praxium of Light to Oakenshield Templars (Templar was changed to Defenders because of its religious meaning). We believe in helping out in any way possible; be it by helping to level, giving advice, or equipment. Our rank 10 kinship has a handful of members left but if someone is looking for a casual Kin, we are it! Leader: Proator - Officer: Armytank - Officer: Madwoman
  • Rangers of the Black Watch - The Rangers are a social, active kin for new and experienced players alike. We run group content regularly and host a range of kin events including scavenger hunts and firework festivals through Bree-town. Our leader is Aeslond and we have many experienced players of every class, level, and crafting guild. If you need a hand or have any questions, just ask!
  • Rare Breed - Rare Breed is a social kin on the Meneldor server. We are led into battle by Hafwen and seconded by Eoderp. RB is a family of all different types of gamers from all walks of life. Some of us are casual; others of us are hard-core gamers. We enjoy all aspects of LOTRO. We have people who craft, who only solo quest and people who love to raid. We have regularly scheduled runs, raids, and social events. Plus a large creep tribe for those who like to PvMP.
  • Rejects Of Middle Earth - The name of the kinship might show that we're foolish, but we simply like to have a good time and help those in need. The Kin recruits anyone of any level, race, class, etc. If you're interested in joining, contact Mildbur or Wulfgif. We don't have any serious restrictions except insults about race, age, nation etc.
  • Remnants of the Holy Knights - We are a fairly sized kin ranging from 7 to 60 and where close together and helpful we do not tolerate jerks only helpful and fun people please pst Deleo or Tepalin send mail if you would and well give you full list of officers to join.
  • The Revenant - A freep Pvmp oriented kin that also does what little endgame content Turbine isn't too lazy to put out.
  • Salvation is a LOTRO kinship designed to meet the needs of established players in a relaxed atmosphere but still be able to take on the end game content in a fair and equitable fashion. Our goal is to create a close-knit kin while having fun; however, our focus is on completing end-game content. Check out our Charter on our site for more information.
  • Sons Of The Fallen - Open to any class, level and profession. We're a kinship that is growing stronger every day. (Over 200 to date, currently Rank 4.) Friendly and helpful, we've usually got several members on at any given time. We're currently looking into starting up raiding, so anyone who can help organize various gatherings would be appreciated. Casual or hard core, this is the Kinship for you. Also see our LotRO site:
  • Sundered Destiny is a kinship built upon the philosophy of Good People, Good Times. We have players that want to learn how to fellowship strategically and learn complex fellowship maneuvers. We have players that think it's fun to "vacation in Angmar" at level 20. We have players just starting up this week. We have players carried over from beta. What bonds us together is the committment to helping each other out and having fun the whole time. We refuse to be uber-elitists. If you want a group that is about fun first, stop by our site and introduce yourself or message Marmagar or Jadele in game.
  • TLR' was originally founded in June of 2005 on the Intrepid server of SWG. Since then, many of the players have gone to WoW, but a small group came to LOTRO during the second week of closed beta in November of 2006. Our small group has since grown into a tight-knit, casual gaming community of 15-20 active members with multiple characters. We pride ourselves on helping each other out and have created quite a support system to do just that. If you would like to check us out please contact one of the officers in-game; they are Ceemae, Acelin, Kopf, Lunaria, Rhoden, Irwen, Scipio, Beda, among others, but one of these people are almost alway on. We are a kinship made up primarily of players of college-age or older and we are looking for mature individuals to join our ranks. Although TeamSpeak is not necessarily a requirement to join our kinship, it is highly recommended because many of the issues concerning our kinship are discussed on there.
  • Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth - We are a creative, friendly, courteous, and helpful community. Many members say it is the best kin that they have ever been a part of due to the helpful, supportive nature of the players. We are relaxed and laid back, with the only expectations being the general rule of social acceptability. We have a great time with each other, have our own forum and have skilled crafters available. We love doing runs/raids etc. The kin is currently led by Mightydayne with many officers online 24/7 - please send a message or an IM for details.
  • Those Who Wander - Those Who Wander is a smaller, social kinship on Meneldor. We like to group, do raids/instances, and hang out. Many people in the kin also like to participate in Player vs. Monster Player (PvMP). There's a lot of conversation, and everyone is close here. We have several crafters, and many members will help you with whatever you need. Their current leader is Bruce. We've been here on Meneldor for a bit, and we hope to stay much longer. The name is based off of Tolkien's famous poem, "All That is Gold Does Not Glitter."
  • Trinovantes Dynasty - This Kinship is comprised of roughly 30+ members. We are a mature group of fun-loving gamers who absolutely dispise both drama and politics. Most of our group are 'leisure-players' who just want to log in and have fun without taking the game too seriously. However, we frequently do raids and other high-level questing. So hether you are new to gaming, or an experienced vet, we have many different levels of players to fellow with. If interested in checking us out, please feel free to contact 'Izydor, Baph, Drusilla or Goar'. These individuals are the founding members and can assist you with any further questions about us. Happy gaming!!
  • UAO - UnitedAsOne - A casual kin of people who enjoy each others company and often will enjoy laughs inside our vent. We enjoy end-game raiding & PvP (Our Tribe: Booty Bandits). Visit our website or msg Blouses or Bellabear. "Garo lend vaer!"
  • Warriors of Dunedain - is a kinship that is on the smaller side, but has been around since open-beta. Our main goal is to have fun, so we take players of all classes, races, and levels. We mostly enjoy doing quests and raids as a kinship, but occasionally we will do some PvP. The most important things to us are maturity and fun. If you are interested in us, please send a message in-game to Jobu. We hope to hear from you.
  • Wasteland Raiders is a small kinship at the moment but we are looking for new members. The class we are looking for are, Lore master, Mini, Captain, and Champion. Raiding is a must. If you would like more information you can drop me a line in game to Globlkaos. With your mail plz include LVL and How Many Hours you play a week. This is the time to get on board we will start doing the watcher and DD soon. Look forward to seeing you out there on Meneldor.
  • Wielders of the Sacred Fire - Our kinship was founded by Elldin and Serillius six years ago during the open Beta phase of the development for The Lord of the Rings Online. Since then, our ranks have swelled to approximately 150 players. We encourage our members to be active in kinship social channel as well as help each other. We act as a sort of cooperative where as we provide mutually beneficial services to each other. Services can include crafting but can also include quest, deed or skirmish aid. Our officers act as a "council" and vote on decisions that effect the kinship as a whole. We always strive to bring things that may effect the kinship as a whole to the attention of the kinship members and let the members have their voice be heard on all matters that effect the kinship. If you would like to join our family, we'd love to have you, just go to our kinship website,, and fill out an application.
  • >>--- The Wooden Arrow ----> Hello fellow players! Our motivated and friendly kinship is looking for awesome people like you. Join us for fun, laughs, hunting sprees, skirmishes, parties and some wealth. No strict rules. Google "Wooden Arrow Kinship" to get to our site.