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This article is a Kinship information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official LOTRO history or occurrences which are accurate for all worlds.
The kinships and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.


English Kinships

  • Aiya Earendil - Aiya Earendil is a lore based, heavy RP kinship specialized in Elvish RP. Our goal is for members to have a true immersive experience of Middle Earth, based upon the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. This goal shall be achieved by RP events, gatherings, questing, etc. Our only mandatory rule is that members stay true to the lore of Tolkien's world, this is to do it justice and avoid doing it harm. All RP within these large bounds is very much welcome.
  • A Long-Expected Party - A Long-Expected Party is a casual, light RP kinship in Landroval. We have somewhat casual players and enjoy fellowing for quests/skirmishes and helping each other with crafting. We are not a "raiding kinship". "The Party House" is located at 7 Fairwood Lane Tund Ondren, Falathlorn Homesteads.
  • The Alliance - The Alliance is a co-operative kinship, on the Landroval Server consisting of all the races of Middle-earth, with members living throughout the world who are looking to enhance their game play with a socially helpful experience. Our adult membership is very diverse, with game founders who are always willing to share experience and knowledge with newer players. We are an extremely laid-back kin that believes in real life always coming first, and many of our raids and social events are organic in their creation. Simply put: if you're looking for a heavy role-playing, power leveling, intense raiding or grinding kin, we are not for you. To become a member of the Alliance and battle the evils of Middle-earth, please contact an officer in-game or sign up on our website.
  • Armed and Dangerous - Armed and Dangerous is a friendly do as you please kin. RP is not common among current members, but it is certainly not frowned upon. You'll find many members willing to aid you in acquiring mats or items, completing quests, raids or instances, and just helping to answer questions among other things. We are currently seeking to recruit active members, and only ask that you remain friendly and respectful. Seek us out, and good luck in LoTRO!
  • Away Shall Fade - Inspired from Pippin's song in The Return of the King, Away Shall Fade is a relaxed kinship focused on helping make the Lord of the Rings experience enjoyable for all. Always recruiting all levels/races/classes. Come join us in helping others quest, do PvP, and raids. Contact Trindal or Rainbowdoddle if interested, or check out our kin website.
  • Axes and Ales - Axes and Ales is a Dwarf only kinship ((on the Landroval server)). Its focus is fun and fighting on all levels within Middle-Earth. The members within are not those who are petty or sympathize with the likes of the Dourhands. Although kin membership is restricted to Dwarves, the members of Axes and Ales often join in with others of other races as well on occasions when either axes or ales are an understood requirement.
  • Band of Hope - Band of Hope is a mature, family-friendly Christian guild. We have a strong player-base of active and experienced guild members. We encourage role-playing, but by no means do we require it to participate in our activities. Like other successful guilds on Landroval we do many things well, including raiding, questing together, and PvMP. Fare thee well friends and Christ be with you.
  • Blades of Anárion - We are a mature and casual kinship with a very simple and precise goal. Our mission is to provide a kinship for friendly, mature and like-minded individuals who enjoy the classical fantasy/Lord of the Rings culture. We inherit a light-RP attitude to keep ourselves indulged within the context of lore, at the same time share experiences, stories and friendships outside of the realm. Music, life, folk-lore, battle, camaraderie, brotherhood, are characteristics we all enjoy. If you enjoy these as well, consider fighting alongside our ranks in the Blades of Anárion.
  • Blessed - Blessed of Landroval, is a kinship geared towards those who looking to kick back and play casual with an atmosphere of close-knit friends. We are a small, yet personable kinship for those seeking brotherhood and adventure.
  • Broken Shadows - Broken Shadows Family run since 2008, we are a casual Lord of the Rings Online Kinship. With a wide variety of players in our membership, we all have at least one thing in common. Above everything else game related, we simply want to have fun playing the game with other players. Have a look around, and if you have any questions, please feel feel to e-mail us, or send a /tell in-game to any of our officers.
  • Brotherhood of Southern Knights - An ancient society based on comradery-in-arms and friendship, formed in the port city of Pelargir, and extended to the elves of Edhellond, to dwarf strongholds in the White Mountains, and even to hobbits of the Southfarthing who hocked their prized leaf beyond the Bounds. We are a rank ten friendly, casual non-RP kinship based on helping one another with quests, crafting, deeds and other aspects of daily life in LOTRO.
  • Caveat Angmarim - We are fun, mature, dedicated and intelligent people to add to our Kinship. We have a wide variety of time zones, levels, classes and professions. It seems that we do not role playing too much, but if you did it wouldn't be frowned upon. Mostly we are in this Kinship for the community that comes along with it through questing, crafting for each other, trading with each other or just chatting amongst ourselves. If our interests are similar to yours please seek us out. Take care.
  • The Common Folk - The Common Folk - Not every man of the world travels the lands, not every woman takes up with kith and kin to wage battle with the forces that lurk beyond their front stoop. The Common Folk is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship on the Landroval server. Our pure role-play expression is simply one of the common folk of the land, whether Man or Dwarf or Hobbit or Elf. We are farmers and tailors and very great cooks, and we are woodsmen and we even tinker with our anvils. Our hearts do not hanker for adventure beyond a good day's work for a good day's wage - perhaps a pint of ale after! We don't expect a player to consider this their primary kinship. The Common Folk is a way to unwind and just give a little more life to the wonderful lands of Middle-earth. Pop-in when you can, drink some ale and farm with us on good sunny days. The Common Folk's founder is Rerilac Bumbleroot, a Hobbit. He is the nephew of Weigela Bumbleroot (formerly a Greenhand). To learn more about The Common Folk, read the wiki and also contact Rerilac/Weigela or Airgoidhwen in-game.
  • The Council of the Secret Fire - The Creation of Eru Iluvatar is under threat from an Enemy the likes of which have not been seen in nearly an age. Now is the time for true Heroes to come to the aid of Middle Earth and provide the ultimate last defense! This is a social kinship open to all races, classes and gameplay styles. It's meant first and foremost for the enhancement of good clean fun of its members. The attitude is one of freedom, achievement, and never backing down. We're involved in both RP and PvP but neither will be required.
  • Dancers in the Meadow - Small kinship transferred from Windfola server. Members are avid Tolkien fans and lore enthusiasts and the kin is focused on exploration, lore, questing, and secondarily on professions. New members are always welcome, but we ask that players attempt to adhere to lore-accurate naming policies.
  • Dark Warriors of Valor - Dark Warriors of Valor (DwV) is a guild on Landroval in Lord of the Rings Online. Our goal is to become one of the best known and most well respected high end guilds on this server. We seek those who wish to experience the higher end content of this game, and carry themselves with integrity through it all. Most of our founding members have been together for over 3 years in other games. Though our goal is indeed to raid and conquer much of the higher end content in this game, our biggest pride will be in who we are as a guild. Skill, knowledge of one’s class, and other such aspects are an important part of being in this guild, more important is character of the player. We want every member of the guild to have fun and enjoy themselves, with this we also expect our members to not only work together well in groups or raids, but also in just every day play time. The biggest help and support we can gain will be from each other. Helping to further each and every member individually helps us as a whole and makes each and every person in Dark Warriors of Valor (DwV) feel that they are a part of us.
  • Deathgods - Hello we are a nice kinship, who are very supportive of each other, we are not an RP kin but we aren't completely against/opposed to it(also some of our members like to RP a lot). Our leader is Thorvail a dwarf guardian, he is very dedicated to helping the kin and its members like many of us. Second in command are Banesblood and Tarlasion, we have about 100 members but most of them are alts of our main members. Our goal is to be what a kin is supposed to be aiming at helping each other with whatever they need be it crafting, low level questing, high level questing, end game things, raids. our leader Thor has also started to do classes in which groups of our kin form and help each other with questing, explaining how things work, useful techniques and such.
  • Disciples of Tulkas - The blood-line grows thin. New recruits are needed in order to pass down the traditions and image of Tulkas, the champion of champions and mightiest of the Valar. The Disciples of Tulkas is a kinship based in Landroval that is composed of players of all classes, races, and levels. We are a social kinship that does everything from running instances at all levels, questing together, crafting for and with each other, social events, and role-playing events. Our kinship's background is that of an order dedicated to Tulkas, and it is around that concept that our rp is built; however, we are a no-med rp kin, and so no role-playing is required to join.
  • Discordians - Be ye not lost among precepts of Order! Hail Eris, instead! Join the Discordians and help spread the philosophy of Discordianism across Middle-Earth. A fun-loving group of avid adventurers, we frolic across the fields, hills, caves, and mines of Arda. "A jug of wine, a leg of lamb, and thou beside me, whistling in the darkness!"
  • Divine Radiance (Belethil) - We are the Belethil, the bane of all that is evil, and protector of all that is good. We are the light shining through the darkness and we pierce the blackest of hearts with love, kindness and respect for our fellows. We are a light Roleplaying kinship that has spanned many games over the years, we are also a friendly group of people who strive to make every game we join fun.
  • Dragon Eye - We are a friendly, mature, highly active kinship on Landroval. We support a wide variety of playstyles; from dedicated crafters to lighthearted explorers, from casual questers to endgame raiders. Come experience Middle-Earth as part of a family-friendly and supportive kinship.
  • East Eriador Trading Company - This is a craft based guild. Our main goal is to provide those who love the crafting element of LOTRO at a less costly alternative. East Eriador Trading Company will also provide a friendly trading environment for the sharing of recipes, materials, and advice for those who are in our Kinship, as well as provide services for those of other guilds or individuals needing skill work they do not possess. Simply put, we look to provide a wide base of crafting skills for a reasonable fee and create the rarest products that can be made in LOTRO. Those not in EETC, please feel free to ask for help to our public forum. Those interested in joining us please visit the EETC recruiting forum.
  • Edge - Established on the Landroval server, our motto is "real life comes first" and we stand very strongly by that. We know (or at least hope) there is a life outside the game so nothing is ever considered mandatory. Our play style is casual, not-too-light RP. While we like end-game content (our 50s raid at least half the week) we believe that the journey there is just as fun! Edge has ALL the amenities of an established kinship that's been around since beta, including house, mail, auctions, active high-level players, GMs, camaraderie, and pipeweed and ale in abundance! We are currently on the lookout for mature (18+) active members interested in enjoying the game at their own pace, while being a part of a community that helps each other out.
  • Elkhelms Court - An RP town with backstory, laws, jobs available. Also houses crafting resources, cosmetic library, and crafting stations.
  • Elvellyn - (Sindarin meaning "Elf-friends") We are an Tolkienesque G-PG rated RP kinship. We have 5 kinhomes. Our Thorin's Hall kinhome is for metalsmith/weaponsmith. Our Falathlorn kinhome is for scholar/jeweller. Our Shire kinhome is for farmer/cook. Our Bree kinhome is for tailor/woodworker. Our main kinhome is on the island of Tol Falthui, Tarag Gwing, Belfalas. We welcome all races, classes and levels who are elf-friends. Contact our kinleader at our website or in game if interested in learning more about us.
  • The Enigma Decree (AKA The Enigma Directive) - Roleplaying guild that has spanned two years and several games. We have had good involvement with LOTRO with the Alpha testers in our guild. Recruiting mature 18 years+ members that U.S. based, and can be any race or class. We like to have diversity. We have a website, forum, radio station, and ventrilo voice chat.
  • Eucatastrophe - is a game-focused kin formed to assist the Free Peoples in preparing for the War against Mordor. All levels, races, and vocations welcome! This is a NON-RP kin that does not allow any real-world or personal talk in Kin chat. Please see our website at for more information.
  • The Fellowship of the North - Light roleplaying guild for all classes and levels! Rank 7, including kin house in Bree homesteads and kin mail. We're a casual group of players, dedicated to helping each other and having fun in Middle Earth.
  • The Foppish Lords - We're a close-knit kin who likes fun, shenanigans and outrageous hats! This is not a serious raid or PVP kinship. We take life at a slow, relaxed pace. We throw festivities on our island during special occasions and just enjoy being in the game world. If you're too competitive a gamer for that, this is likely not the kinship for you. To join, you simply have to play with us and absolutely do not take yourself seriously. If we enjoy being around you, and you're not spoken for by another kin, we'll probably slip a subtle invite in with conversation. Also, you could just ask one of the officers.
  • Flames Of Hope - We are a small and casual kinship that is welcoming of anyone who would like to join us. We don't do raids nor do we PVP, we just tend to run around Middle-earth doing quests and working on completing Deeds. We are a Rank 10 kinship and our kin house is in Belfalas.
  • Gaiscioch - a social & casual friendly gaming community founded in 2001. They self publish a digital gaming magazine as well as host daily livestreams. They focus on creating lasting memories and friendships above all else.
  • Galad én estel - social/RP kin, Galad én estel (Light of Hope) is a friendly, rank-10 Kinship on Landroval. Our family is full of great people who enjoy the world of Middle-Earth and the company of others. Filled with a fun and laid-back feeling, we are proud to be a part of Galad én estel. we enjoy eventing like hide and seek , picture contests on our forum and a lot more. After a talk with one of our officers we can see if this kin is something for u ;) so don't be shy to send a mail in-game or contact us on our forum
  • The Glory of Rohan - We are a small but friendly kinship whose membership has mainly been transplanted from 'Of The Glorious Smite' on WoW's Dragonblight (US) server. We are open and welcoming to new members of all kinds, and are very LGBT-friendly. We are a mature group with a mature and off-kilter sense of humor, and RP is welcomed but not required. We're here to drink some ale, enjoy some pipeweed, and just have fun!
  • Hearthkin Society - Dark times have come to Middle-Earth. The roads once widely traveled, are no longer safe for travel. Bandits gather thick as flies around Bree-Town, and Moria, once a work of Dwarven pride, now sits in the hands of foul Orcs and Goblinkin. Through strength of arms, and superior crafting, the Hearthkin Society is looking to rebuild the glory and heritage of the Free-Peoples! We have opened trade trade with the Dwarves of Moria, as well as the Elves of Rivendell! Now is the time to band together. Now is the time to stand up and fight the darkness! The HearthKin Society is a Rank 7 Kinship. We are causal to medium role players who enjoy doing many player run events. We are very active, looking for other mature active players who are looking to have more than a hack and slash experience in Lotro. Our player run events run the gambit from Hide and Seekers, Scavenger hunts, to races, carnivals and parties. If your looking for an active and fun Kinship, leave a message on our 'Recruitment' forum, or contact Adiss!
  • High Council of Arnor - The High Council of Arnor is a light role-playing kinship that is centered around friendship within the roleplay and out. We are dedicated to making playing in our kinship as enjoyable as possible. We cover light RP (optional), late game raids, crafting support, and monster play.
  • Has Powerful Friends (CURRENT 2017) - We are a R-10 Kinship with a Large Player Base of All Classes, Races, and Levels. All Ages, & Classes Welcome. We have our own Web-page of Has Powerful Friends Where we maintain a Calendar of Events {Virtue & Slayer Deed Runs in Fellowship}, RAIDS, Instances, and Skirmishes {All Areas of Middle-Earth}. Help Topics for Various Classes to Help You Advance Your Character and get the Most out of Your Class. We have Master Guild Craftsmen in All Vocations to Help You with Your Gear, or just to Help You Level-Up Your Crafting Expertise. We have a Complete Crafting Center at Our Kinhouse. We are User Friendly, Courteous, and Have Lots of FUN Playing LOTRO, so come on Over and give Us a Try. We also have Kinship Pages on LOTRO, FB, and TWITTER.Please send a IM, or Mail Message to: MANWIN (Lord of the Kin), LAVANDIL (Successor of Kin)
  • Heedless Tosspotts - The Heedless Tosspotts is a Landroval kinship, known on the server for their outgoing attitude, funny ads and activities. They are a mature kinship with a childish sense of humor, and they do everything from raids and PvMP to jumping around Bree for no obvious reason or just hanging out. They have all benefits such as website, FB group, Discord server and more.
  • House of Play - House of Play - A democratically-run kinship based on inclusion, friendship, teamwork, respect, maturity, and wit worthy of Shakespeare (or Whedon, depends on the day.) Teamspeak, kin runs, rank 10 - all the fun! PM to inquire, or visit
  • House Rindol - House Rindol is made up of mature gamers who love to game, and do their best to enjoy the entirety of any game they play without trying to race to the end in conquest. They are made up of people who like to help others, and who like to do more than run around playing MMO's as though they were a solo affair. They have several events each week that anyone in the kinship can be a part of. House Rindol is a G rated guild that respects it's members and expects it's members to respect each other and those outside of the kinship.
  • Hurinhinim - Hurinhinim is a light to moderate role-play kinship and the name means "Children of Hurin" in Adunaic the language of Man. According to the Tolkien mythos, Hurin was the greatest of all Mans' ancestors long before there were Dunedain or Numenor. We seek mature, friendly players who are active and want to help the kinship grow and become successful. We are a family-friendly kinship with members who have families and kids so we understand RL comes first. We do not have a lot of strict requirements like some elitist kinships other than to have fun. We are still growing so there is plenty opportunity for new members to become officers within the kinship. Feel free to visit the website and message there or contact Borrhavan in-game.
  • Ilsken Folkhop - Ilsken Folkhop (Swedish for "Angry Mob") is a unique friendship-oriented kinship for individuals 18 years or older. We are extraordinarily supportive and encourage frequent use of wildly humorous banter. We enjoy picnics in the Moors, perfecting our endgame toons, raiding, and rampant altaholicism. Although we strive for excellence, we focus more on developing the group-based strengths and dynamics that can occur among friends, who play together often. Because of this, you might find us frequently open to non-traditional adventure. At the aims towards supporting one another further, we offer optional adjunct collaboration (i.e., Team Speak, You Tube, Twitch, audio-visual blogging, and FB). In essence, we are a group of respectful adults, who refuse to grow up! Fun, friendship, and hilarity guide us in all of our pursuits.
  • The Iron Militia - The Iron Militia is a heavy roleplaying kinship based out of Thorin's Hall. The kinship is based loosely on some of Moria's history during the Second Age, when the Dwarves left the ruined cities of Nogrod and Belegost and came to the now great and ancient Dwarrowdelf (also known as Moria). During that Age the Dwarves solidified friendships with the nearby Elves and Men. The kinship accepts all races, classes, and levels. Our primary focus is on roleplay and we strive to be in character as much as possible. We are always open to recruitment of mature players who enjoy roleplay and are looking to be part of a close-knit group of players. updated 11.12.2015
  • Knights of the Eternal Flame - Knights of the Eternal Flame is a Kinship founded to create a mature, close-knit community of people geared towards adventure, friendship, crafting and general game progression. We have a close community, which includes Alpha testers, Founders and newcomers alike who are all ready to help each other out when in need. Our member base is generally 18+, but we only require our members to maintain a mature attitude in-game and on our site. Check out our website or forums for more information and upcoming news!
  • Knights of the White Lady - The Knights of the White Lady (KWL) is a kinship which takes its name from Eowyn, the White Lady of Rohan. Our kin hall is located on the isle of Tol Lochul, Gondil, Belfalas, and is open to all visitors. We are a group of mature (18+) individuals who enjoy being in a friendly and close-knit environment, a place where people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations (LGBTQIA+) can feel at home.
  • The Last - The Last is a semi-casual guild, well, I honestly don't know what to call us. We're a gaming community of mature-minded folks that have formed a guild together to enjoy each other's company, share gaming experiences and have a less-hectic and politic-free venture in the tumultuous waters of guilds in MMO's and the like. We were originally established by four friends who were literally looking to start "the last guild we want to be in." Hence, instead of Rage for Order (what can I say, Queensryche fan here) we named ourselves The Last. We have quite a lot of experience in guild management and we've been around the block in that capacity, so to speak. We're very humor minded and like to share a laugh, a tale and an adventure with friends. Currently, we have a Teamspeak server as well as our own website as linked above. Please come by and have a look. Thank you for your time :).
  • The Last Ringbearer is the creepside of Redemption.
  • The League of Arda - War is coming, war that has been long in the planning, and the League of Arda and it’s members stand ready to face the tide of evil. If we cannot halt it before the Free Peoples of this world perish, then at the very least we can pass into the West with the knowledge that in the eternal Halls of our people, Eldar, Hildor, and Periannath, we can walk unashamed and with our heads held high. We are a heavy Role-play Kinship who are always willing to help anyone.
  • Legends of Middle Earth - A light RP kinship that prides itself on a mature respect for each other. We love to just have fun in anyway we can. Very helpful members, although not a large kinship so far. We are based on the idea that the legendary names of middle earth are grouping together in an effort to stop the shadow of Angmar, and eventually Sauron, once and for all. We hope that with enough members we can finally overcome the witch-king's might and re-create the once great kingdom of Arnor. I, Khelek Heru, am the leader. Selico is second in command, so if I am not on he will answer for me. We don't have a kinship house, yet, but feel free to use my personal house. Also we are a max lifespan kinship , so enjoy. Please Send me a message if you wish to consider joining up, all types welcome! Lastly I am working on a kinship homepage, so look forward to that in the future. May the light of the Valar carry you through the night!
  • Legion of Light The Legion of Light is a light to heavy rp guild that accepts all kinds of members. Our charter is available on our website. We also feature a fully functional sponsored Ventrilo server, with login info on website. We desire above all else to build a strong community, and work towards hosting and aiding server wide events. Several of us have been together across different games for years, and most recently have moved here from WoW. We are an open and friendly kinship who desire input from ALL of our members. Current Leader: Balian and Current Lead Recruiter: Rhomen (Please message or mail him for more info. We have no race or class restrictions, and the leadership exists to serve, not to boss people around. We will all work to make Landroval and LOTR Online the best place it can be!
  • Light of the Silver Dragon - Light of the Silver Dragon is the Lord of the Rings Online component of a larger multi-gaming guild known as The Order of Bahamut, which in turn is a proud member of the Celestial Enclave online gaming alliance. We are a mature-minded kinship dedicated to PvE adventuring, tactical teamwork and in-character role-playing. Our kinship embraces a variety of diverse gaming styles, ranging from true role-playing to PvP. Our members enjoy regular kinship-wide events including quest rallies, sparing competitions, role-playing nights, scavenger hunts and more! While we are not a "strict" role-playing kinship, we do count a fair number of role-players among our ranks, and consider in-character role-playing to be an important part of who we are. While role-playing is not required, if you chose to do so you will find a very RP-friendly environment here.
  • The Lonely Mountain Band - We know that in elder days before the fall, the world was fair and mountains tall. Melkor and his minions including the newly risen 'Witch-king of Angmar' have marred Arda and seek to break the will of free peoples and make them slaves. The Lonely Mountain Band will fight to the death, and answer any call in defence of the free peoples of Middle Earth. Friendly kin with players who enjoy all aspects of the game. Visit our website to apply. Far Apart, but Never Alone!
  • Menelmacar - Formerly of Windfola, a tiny kinship with a strong tabletop gaming background. Forcibly renamed from Valacirca to Valacirca-1 upon moving to Landroval, we renamed ourselves to Menelmacar in Oct 2018.
  • Middle Earth Protectors - Original Kinship Founded in 2010 and transfered from Riddermark server during the merge - Kinship Level 10, with Kinship House in Falathorn Homesteads in the neighborhood of Lant Thoron. Most or our members do have personal homes in this neighborhood, and we occupy most of this entire land. During the merge, many of our members were lost or force-moved to other servers and we decided to reorganize and further our kinship into 3 active charters. To join us, we ask that you be respectful of members and kinship commodities - we gladly share what we have but despise greed and taking of resources from kinship houses and placing items on AH, unless asked to do so by an officer. We have few rules, but the rules we have are simple and essential: 1) Treat others with respect and dignity 2)Share and Share alike in knowledge, wisdom of gameplay and respect those who wish to RP and OOC alike, 3) Help us to promote and grow our guild in like minded individuals yet with tolerance to those that may not be of the same mind or opinion. To join us, please contact Satorion, Zeinion, Irethion, Triaxion, Aerainion or Lenuinor by mail. We meet personally with all individuals prior to appointment to recruit and in most cases, new members will start in MEP III and have opportunities to advance to our other kinship charters. We are interested in all levels and experience; all races and craft. In time members can gain access to all three of our kinship houses as they progress.
  • Middle Earth Protectors II - Charter of Middle Earth Protectors; Kinship Charter Founded in 2012 - Kinship Level 10, with premium Kinship House in Sengast at Belfalas Homestead. We proudly own Tol Falthul island Kinship home with crafting and vendor available to all. In time members can gain access to all three of our kinship houses as they progress.
  • Middle Earth Protectors III - Charter of Middle Earth Protectors; Our Newest Kinship Charter Founded in 2016 - most likely will have a kinship house in the Falathorn Homesteads for the convenience of our members, with quick access to MEP other kinship home in this neighborhood. MEP III is currently out recruit level kinship and in time members can gain access to all three of our kinship houses as they progress.
  • Mirkwood Rangers (CURRENT 2017) - We are a R-10 Kinship with a Large Player Base of All Classes, Races, and Levels. All Ages, & Classes Welcome. We have Runs in Fellowship, RAIDS, Instances, and Skirmishes {All Areas of Middle-Earth}. Help Topics for Various Classes to Help You Advance Your Character and get the Most out of Your Class. We have Master Guild Craftsmen in All Vocations to Help You with Your Gear, or just to Help You Level-Up Your Crafting Expertise. We are User Friendly, Courteous, and Have Lots of FUN Playing LOTRO, so come on Over and give Us a Try. We also have Kinship Pages on Please send a Mail Message to: BROHWYN (Leader of Kinship) Usually on in the Evenings after 8PM MST
  • Misfits of Mordor - Please no people under the age of 21. This kin comes with a Parental Warning! A social group founded by players from other servers for our own use. New members welcome to join for advice, company while questing, and general conversation. We would like to keep our group open to respectful, free-flowing conversations, without censorship of topic. Basically, a pointless kin for those that don't quite fit into Landy's proper society. Contact Thatgirl, Thatothergirl, Thatonegirl, Petitoink, or Xundaer for membership interest.
  • Mormegil Legacy - "There is malice in this sword. The dark heart of the smith still dwells in it. It will not love the hand it serves, neither will it abide with you long."(Melian, The Silmarillion) Our kinship is named in honor of Turin Turambar who was known simply by the weapon he carried and embodied. Named "Mormegil," or Black Sword, by the Elves of Beleriand for his fearsome prowess in battle and complete dedication to driving back his foes, we seek to follow Turin's example and battle the forces of Sauron relentlessly with a select group of dedicated companions. The Mormegil Legacy are first-and-foremost a kinship angled towards having fun. While mostly geared towards high-level raiding, Mormegil Legacy is open to players looking to enjoy themselves in-game and participate in all facets of the game. We welcome all classes and races, requiring only that you want to enjoy your kin while enjoying the game. If you are interested in joining us visit our website:
  • Oakleaf Order - In the years during the initial rise of Sauron, the leaders of men, elf, and dwarf forged a secret society analogous to but separate from the rangers. Their mission was a simple one: To use the best and brightest to run missions, perform reconnaissance, and lead the armies of the free peoples in any necessary conflict. They have continued to perform their duties, unknown to the majority of the masses, even to this day. It is said that a member can be identified by the shining bronze or silver oakleaf necklace that adorns their necks at all times. The Oakleaf Order is an Oceanic kinship with focus on community and heavy roleplay while achieving personal goals and questing needs.
  • Order of the Azure Dragon - The Order of the Azure Dragon is a Pacific Standard Time oriented kinship with members drawn primarily from the young at heart working professionals. We are an equal opportunity kinship that does not discriminate on the basis of race, class, or profession. Our kinship mission: to have fun while serving the good citizens of Middle Earth, either be it PvE, RP, or PvMP.
  • Order Of HOPE - is "our" kin. We're interested in whatever you're interested in. If we haven't tried something, then we'll try it with you. OOH is not stuffy or stiff. Fun should be part of life and the game as well, just remember that people of all ages play. We are newly formed seeking players of all levels. Whether you are new to LOTRO or have been playing since beta, OOH will be happy to have you amongst its ranks. If you would like to help mold and grow a kin into the best it could be, then join OOH and be a Hero Of People Everywhere. You are their only HOPE!
  • Order of the Leaf & Bean - A unique kinship made of of members from the coffee-crew. They're a casual group with no rules but the golden one and free of drama. ICly the Order operates a Tavern where "kaffee" is provided along with ales and foods.
  • Order of Iluvatar - Kinship created by Sallaras, which from the beginning was made by him to create a kinship based on the core concept to form a community, and moderated by its deputy leaders Thordish,Kinoda,and Ozzywallin.The kinship was formed on April 10, 2013 and is recognized as a kinship that has been increasing over time. Their leaders are exemplary and help in the formation and maintenance of the Kinship.It's also a full alliance of cultures of nations having players from the Netherlands, USA, Sweden, England, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Canada and several other related.It is one of the reputable kinships on Nimrodel, and is also present in other MMORPG games, in order to play together as a close knit Kinship. With partnership and friendship.
  • Order of the Tower Guard - With a long history on the Landroval server, OOTTG is a Kinship of fun-loving Raiders, Role Players, Explorers, and Tolkien-fans, founded in October 2007. Well coordinated Kinship events find us adventuring in the Dwarrowdelfs, Nurz Ghashu, the Steps of Gram, Golden and Darkened Woods, or points in between. The Order operates Heren Ecthelion, a Kinship and project to explore OOTTG's old-Elven roots in written Lore and in-game RP, with a large body of composition and research to inform and support in-game activities. Visit our home in Grimstable, Breeland, our website at, or contact Casandir for more information.
  • The Order of Twilight - The Order is a casual, friendly guild that focuses on having fun. We seek mature, friendly people, and we attempt to create a pleasant environment that welcomes all playstyles. If you are interested, please visit our website or our Lorebook entry to learn what we're about. Please feel free to PM any officer or joinchannel twilight for any questions.
  • The Original Fluffy Unicorns - TOFU Originally formed on Nimrodel and transferred to Landroval during the great server merge. Ours is a music kin. Our Band is The Fluffy Unicorns, though we do not require that you be a kin member to play in the band. We are a congenial group and it's safe to say that we are all friends. In order to belong, you have to fit in with our quirky humor and 'play' well with others. We enjoy an eclectic variety of music and often write our own lyrics. We like to have fun and will often dress up in, sometimes outrageous, outfits. Besides adding to our repertoire of music, we like to add to our wardrobe and are always in search of new things, even if we have to quest to get it.
  • Pacta Sunt Servanda - Our guild was created with the goal of a strong foundation of casual players in a relaxed atmosphere. We cater to all parts of the game; No matter what you're interested in from hardcore PvP to med/heavy roleplaying, this guild is for you. There are no leveling requirements, no class or race restrictions. Come on in and join the fun!
  • The Palantiri - The Palantiri is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship, based on the Landroval server. We're a group of casual, mature players here to enjoy ourselves with like-minded adults. We raid regularly (we recently defeated the Balrog) and we also have a Creep tribe (Creepshow) for engaging in PvMP. Currently, we have a great mix of players from around the US and Canada. We are not actively recruiting, but we do invite new members as we make new friends in-game. We are not a role-playing kinship. Although many of us enjoy role-playing once in a while (typically for special events, and with our allies), we are out-of-character most of the time. However, we also have a "sub" kinship called Ranya Palantiri, which is an RP-only group for those who want a more immersive role-playing experience.
  • Path of Paper Lanterns - We are an all ages, family friendly, adventure oriented kinship. We are still very small and very young and happy to have others who would like to join us as we grow and develop our own traditions and contributions within the world.
  • Phoenix Reborn - is a casual family style kinship. We are crafters, festival goers, music lovers and adventurers, encouraging both solo and group endeavors. Our pursuit of quests, instances, books and the like is casual, and we support their pursuit as we are able. We welcome members, old and new, who have the same goal - enjoying our time in Middle Earth. We moved to Landroval from Imladris realm in March 2016. We have kept the changed name Phoenix Reborn-1 for the time being (as someone before us has reserved the name Phoenix Reborn), so that old members may find us, and will note our name change in time. Our kin house is in Brynwell, Breeland. You may contact Belaedrys for more information through in game message or mail.
  • Pillagers of Pipeweed - The Pillagers of Pipeweed, a name given it's members as a jest years ago in the Shire. We are a fun loving roleplaying group of rapscallions that take battle against the Darkness seriously, despite the seemingly endless playful banter within our halls. If you need a roleplay partner or need someone silly and full of cheer, look one of our members up, you shall not be disappointed.
  • Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band - We are a wandering, long established kinship with ancient beginnings (from the beginning of beta). Our statement of purpose and intent is to help all the good folke of Middle Earth during this difficult time in their history. We are warriors of the highest caliber and take pride in our great sense of adventure. We also believe in a balanced life of not only adventure, but fun!!! We are experienced role players and musicians. We enjoy going to festivals and events. We take great pleasure in playing our tunes near and far and spreading the fun and joy that music can bring. All our music is arranged by our own Agago the Hobbit. Our overall outlook is one of a fun-loving party time!!! We are currently a closed group- but may eventually open into recruiting.
  • Poldora En Nir - Poldora En Nir (The Strength of Many) Was founded specifically for Role Playing. Our web site, created upon the founding of the kin, Marks our kin's history, from day 1, and 1 second, to this day.Every member role plays their way into the story, upon joining the kin, and everyone will shape the direction of the kin, and the path it's tale takes. We feel this gives meaning to the Role Playing, as it will be a written ongoing story. We welcome all races. We use a forum for quick posts. Every weekend, Sat/Sun, we will have a kin gathering. Many a Crafter, as well as Warrior, have banded with our kin. Choose your path, and leave your mark, from your role playing, forever.
  • Redemption welcomes everyone who wish to embrace our values and principles with Pride and Honor in a non condescending manner. We do not tolerate discrimination and welcomes everyone regardless of with no experience nor knowledge. We are confident that our current resources and manpower is strong enough to shape every single player that joins our rank. We have a very strong and great leadership both for pve and pvp. We also offer a once a week event for deeding/questing/power leveling. Redemption also host address:
  • Riders of Numenor - Riders of Numenor is a casual kinship. We are just starting and we want to build a kinship for friendly, mature and like-minded people. No requirement nor shun of RPing. We enjoy crafting and questing. The leadership of the kin is a husband and wife team, Ashelynn and Theodredstan.
  • The Saints - The Saints is the official LoTRO kinship for the Saints 3G multi-gaming community. With over 400 members, our purpose is to provide Christians with a safe, family-friendly, and God-honoring guild environment. We have active forums, community events, Bible studies, prayer partners, and an exclusive TeamSpeak server. The kinship itself is a casual and helpful group of families that welcomes both adults and teens of various play styles.
  • Scions of Nogrod - Many years, two whole Ages of the world, have passed since the decline of Nogrod, but the world is again in dire straits, and the Scions of Nogrod the great shall rise to the occasion! We are entirely dedicated to the cause, so much so that we are willing to overlook the ancient treachery of the Elves and ally ourselves with them against the Shadow that rises in the East. The Scions of Nogrod is a Dwarf-only kinship. We look for mature, courteous, and helpfull Dwarves. Light RP allowed, but not necessary. Tolkien lorists are doubly welcome!
  • Seven Stars - Our purpose is to offer an RP home to players who enjoy all types of content from crafting, questing, exploring, raiding, PVmP, PVE and of course RP! The kinship’s RP theme is that of a Provisions company that operates a variety of trade routes across the lands of Middle Earth. This concept allows us to engage players of all types in role play whether they are agents or customers of the company. The Provisions business is really just a cover that conceals the group’s true nature as agents of an ancient order of the Seven Stars. The Seven Stars have stood a vigilant watch over the lands of the west since the defeat of Morgoth. Come stand with us. Players will be expected to RP their way into the kinship in some way and our officers and members will work with you to find ways that will help connect our stories in unique and interesting way.
  • Shadowbane - Shadowbane is a well established, casual, no-drama kinship comprised of members from low to high level, various nations, and assorted playstyles. We were founded by friends, and are proud of the friendly, mature atmosphere we cultivate for our members. We can offer kinship crafting, a vault filled with handy items, kinship lotteries, group quest & instance help, and more. While we are not an RP kinship, we do not forbid it by any stretch. We are at our most active during the hours of 20:00 to 03:00 MST (-7GMT), but are around during other times. For more information, including how to join, please check out our website,
  • Shadowclan - Shadowclan is a Monster Play oriented guild that is active in many MMORPG's and is here to provide our special brand of play to the LOTRO community. Shadowclan is an RP/PvP guild that is here primarily for the Player versus Monster Player sub-game in Ettenmoors. We will be progressing characters on both sides so as to encourage PvMP play from both sides. As a guild, we expect mature behavior from all members, abiding by the game's TOS and story line, a good faith attempt to RP (as both monsters and Free Peoples) and dedication to the Clan's communistic method of crafting and loot distribution. We welcome newcomers, alternate characters and grognards of gaming who want a different experience. Come join the minions of Mordor for some good old fashioned hobbit roasting! Hoowah Shadowclan!
  • Steel Against the Storm - Steel Against the Storm is having open recruitment and is a currently a medium sized and still growing kinship of mature, friendly, social & helpful players. We are open to all classes, races, and levels as well as to all players of any mmo experience level. If you are brand new, first time playing an mmo, we welcome you just as much as any other player. We also have experienced players, very willing to help our new players. Family style enviroment with loads of fun. As the members of Steel Against the Storm take great pride in not only our relations with each other, but also with those we interact with in other aspects of the game as well. We are a fun-loving group who mainly play, not ONLY for the shear enjoyment of the game, but the interaction with others as well. We are not a specific raiding or RP kin, though we do those things and are not against any of our members enjoying those aspects, if that is how they wish to spend their time. We have experienced players who are very willing to help out new players. Its very much a family style environment with loads of fun. We are an established kin, with a kin house in Bree.
  • Tirn en Taur - Tirn en Taur is a moderate to heavy roleplaying elf-only kinship. We are a group of mature roleplayers creating a lore-appropriate kinship to live our virtual lives in Middle Earth. We seek to provide our members with a low-fantasy, low-magic, lore-appropriate immersive RP environment while still being able to raid and end-game if interested. We also try to promote mature play and enjoyment through a no-drama policy, increase roleplay awareness by public displays of RP and general interaction with the player population, create ample opportunities for the public to participate in open roleplaying, and work closely with other dedicated RP kinships in creating a better RP environment on Landroval. In-game, the Tirn en Taur is a group created in T.A. 2941 by the White Council to assault Dol Guldur and was kept together to 'watch' the lands around the Great Forests of the elves and guard the ways to the Grey Havens so that all elves may pass to the West in safety.
  • Traveler's Rest - Traveler's Rest is a social, friendly kinship focused on ensuring LOTRO players feel welcome and supported in their journey through Middle Earth. We are a no-drama, respectful group of players of all levels, races, and classes. While we aren't specifically an RP kinship, we are welcoming of any and all types of players and playing styles. Traveler's Rest is proud to welcome mature and considerate folks who want to feel like their kinship is home, a respite from the madness of the world, a place to find friendship and rest.
  • Valar Guild - We are an international Tolkien fan club and gamers group, founded October 4, 1997. The original core group has continued on together adding friends since Diablo 1, where we formed a haven for those who wished to actually play the game and to enjoy courteous, literate company of any age. We added new games over time and have long been waiting this incarnation of Middle-earth Online, now Lord of the Rings Online. Some of us meet between games on AIM every Sunday at 5pm EST. We formed the LotRO branch of Valar at the start of Beta 1 and have run it ever since. On the web, we operate a Tolkien Site for articles, stories, poetry, humor, Tolkien's languages, artwork, and music. To attain Full Membership honor, a person must have read at least the Lord of the Rings and enjoy courteous speech and play. We each adopt a Tolkien character for the "primary name", as if it were the real name, behind the amazon, zerg, gnome, Tauren shaman, or hobbit of our choice. This gives everyone an instant relationship to everyone else for fun banter. We do not require role-play, but will generally do so at the drop of a hat. In LotRO, we like to explore all parts of our beloved world from Grand Master farming of taters to working through the epic storyline, counting floors of the Prancing Pony, raiding the Rift or sometimes going at each other in the Ettenmoors (in a friendly way). We help each other and those we meet to enjoy and develop this world and to be all we can be. Contact Fainan in-game (Varda on the Membership page) or any other officer to see if you can make it in or join our friend channel.
  • The Veil - The Veil is a medium role play multi-gaming guild based out of Combe/Bree (Comb & Wattle/Beggar's Alley/Lowbanks Estates). We're a Thieves Guild, made up of assassins, thieves, information gatherers, spies, etc. We also have members who are not so shady. They run the "Guild Hall" by passing along information to other members as they come into contact with them. A secretarial position if you will. They also cook and help prepare travel packs when an adventure calls us away. Our core membership is comprised of college students and adults with families. We have no playtime requirements, but applicants must be level 15+ and age 18+ to apply. We pride ourselves on being an active, mature and fun group of players to spend your time online with. We are also an active participant in the role play community on Landroval.
  • Warriors of the Westfold - The official kinship of Middle-earth News. The Warriors of the Westfold is a kinship on the Landroval server, formed in October 2013 by members of the Middle-earth News team. With varying levels of experience, play styles, and interests in-game, the Warriors discuss a different aspect of LOTRO every week via Westfold Wednesday articles.

Spanish Kinships (Kinships Latinas)

  • EXODO Una nueva kinship latina, que pronto sera abierta para Uds. en Landroval, cuando se habilite su paso desde Silverlode. Recibimos a todos los hispanos que tengan ganas de aprender y compartir buenos y divertidos momentos. Los esperamos!!!!!
  • Hispania Hispania es una de las kinships latinas más grandes del juego, y a la vez kinship oficial de la Comunidad Hispania en Silverlode. Nos estaremos moviendo a Landroval tan pronto Turbine habilite la migración. Recibimos a todo tipo de personas mientras hablen español, y nos gusta siempre trabajar el concepto de Kinship Familiar (algo más cercano que social). De seguro te gustará jugar con nosotros si buscas donde aprender, compartir, reír, equiparte, y disfrutar del contenido del juego... ¡y sin aburrirte!