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An enormous breed of insect native to the Midgewater Marshes of Bree-land, the sickle-flies and their brood have since begun to spread to other lands of Middle-earth. Whether this is through natural migration or if they are driven by some dark intelligence is unclear. Like the giant Spiders, the sickle-flies seem to be gaining in size and aggression, seeking out new lands in which to multiply and find prey.

The enormous Glowing Fire-fly (Evendim) and Glowing Fire-fly (Eregion) seem to be related to the sickle-flies, or at least have similar attributes.

Sickle-flies are found in marshy areas and fields. They are "normal" difficulty and are always aggressive. They are weak to Beleriand damage.

An index of all known sightings:

Sickle-flies(48 P)