Share the Power - Fellowship

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Share the Power - Fellowship-icon.png
 Share the Power - Fellowship
  • Induction: 1s
    Skill Type: Heal
  • Transfer Power to nearby Fellows.
  • Effects applied to the Fellowship within 25 meters:
  • +... Power
  • Cost: ... Morale

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Trait Tree: The Ancient Master Traits

Rank Needed: 15


The trait Healer increases the healing of this skill by 10%, and reduces the induction by 50% and the power cost by 15%.
The trait Knowledge of the Past reduces the power cost of this skill by 3% and gives it a 20% chance to restore 50-55 power.


The Lore-master's Staff Legacy Power Restored increases the power share of this skill by up to 10%.

Tactical Information

--The information below is deprecated, as the skill now only costs Morale--

Share the Power is the only skill in game that allows a player to 'heal' another player's, or allied NPC's, power by a large amount. It costs almost, but not quite, as much power as it gives the target. The fortitude of Share the Power is affected by all stat effects and bonuses that affect healing, including the outgoing healing of the Lore-master, the incoming healing of the target and the Lore-master's Healer trait. The casting time is quite low, especially with the Healer trait, so that even at full power a Lore-master may give nearly all their power to other players in a matter of seconds if they so choose. It is possible for two Lore-masters to both cast Share the Power on one another repeatedly, slowly gaining power between each other in the process.

Power of Knowledge (especially with the Power and Wisdom trait equipped) coupled with Share the Power allows the Lore-master to constantly refill their allies' power throughout a long battle, regardless of the Lore-master's in-combat power regeneration. This unique capability is usually considered one of the most important roles of the Lore-master in full fellowships and raids, given the importance of supplying the healer(s) with enough power to keep the group alive in long battles.