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  • You attack your enemy from every shadow, dealing devastating damage.
  • Maul becomes Sudden Maul.

    Claws becomes Bestial Claws.

    Savage Fangs becomes Shadow Fangs.

    Eye Rake becomes Eye Gouge.

    Snap becomes Snap!

    Dire Howl becomes Howl from the Shadow.

    Pack Hunters becomes Shadow Pack.
  • Increased damage when attacking from behind.

    Increased damage from Stealth.

    Sudden Maul, Bestial Claws, and Pounce function as they are from stealth and cannot be Blocked, Parried or Evaded.
  • +263.334 in-Combat Power Regen
  • +15% Melee Damage
  • Toggle Skill
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Warg Stalker

Rank: 1

Training Price: 2,000 Commendation 


Using this skill increases in-Combat Power regen and melee damage.

This skill changes several skills into new ones while in Flayer stance: