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Type: Crafting Instance
Region: Moria
Area: Zelem-melek
Location: [7.2S, 104.7W]


Sejer-tharâkh is a crafting instance and Public Dungeon where you will find lots of teir 6 resources.

"A lumber storehouse of repute, Sejer-tharâkh was also known to hold one of the greatest libraries of trade-records in all of Moria. The Iron Garrison seeks to reclaim the lost trade-records and use that information to aid them in re-establishing Khazad-dûm as a great merchant kingdom."


Sejer-tharâkh is located at Mezer-serej in Zelem-melek. [7.2S, 104.7W]

Quest Involvement

Related quests that involve this area:


You will encounter one of these groups of creatures:

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