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Image of Sabert
Title Gate Guard
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region Great River
Settlement Stangard
Map Ref [25.7S, 62.8W]

Quest Involvement


  • Who is the real leader here?'
    'It depends who you ask, I suppose…but since you are asking me, Stannic is the real command at Stangard. Always has been.
    'Stannic is a good man, and he does his duty with pride and honour. It was always hard for him to make ends meet in Stangard, so many men resent him, but things have only gotten worse with Sithric's arrival…but please do not repeat any of this.'
    Thank you.
  • What do you do in Stangard?
    'I guard this gate…day in, and day out. I rarely get enough rest, since there is no one here to take my place for a second shift. I wish I could do something more useful, but Sithric has ordered me to stay right where I am.'
    I am sorry…