Rosie Cotton

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Rosie Cotton
Image of Rosie Cotton
Gender Female
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Settlement Tom Cotton's Farm
Map Ref [32.5S, 69.4W]


Rosie Cotton is the only daughter of Tom Cotton and Lily Brown and is found chatting her father at his farm, south of Bywater.

During the Farmers Faire Rosie is also found dancing at the nearby Methel-stage.

She has four brothers: Tom, Jolly, Nick and Nibs. From childhood Rosie and her brothers had gone swimming in the Bywater Pool with many other Hobbit kids, one of them was Sam Gamgee. Though not yet outspoken it is obvious that Rosie is very fond of Sam, and considering his tongue-tiedness when she smiles at him we all wonder what that will become in times after the current era. [1]

Quest Involvement


"Sam Gamgee went away with Mr. Frodo Baggins to Crickhollow. I would have gone to see them off had I known sooner!"
"I wish that Sam had never left!"