Rolf Bracegirdle

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Rolf Bracegirdle
Image of Rolf Bracegirdle
Role Housing Furnisher
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Shire Homesteads
Interior Homestead Provisions (Shire)
Map Ref [36.9S, 73.7W]


Rolf Bracegirdle is the Housing Furnisher for the Shire Homesteads. He is located inside the Homestead Provisions building, from where he sells various furnishings and recipes.


It's somewhat tricky to find him, since, as of January 2014, the Quest Tracker map universally marks him as being at the very entrance to the Homestead. This is absolutely the wrong placement, and it'll drive you crazy trying to figure out where he is based upon the Tracker.

To find him, enter any one of the Shire Homesteads, go straight down Wending Way until Town Crier, Belgo Brockhouse is flush on your right. Turn 90 degrees to your left and continue on Wending Way. When you come to the intersection of Wending Way and Pleasant Street, bear right to continue on Wending. Take the first left past the bridge to the outdoor theatre. Continue straight ahead past the Mailbox until you hit Homestead Provisions. Go inside, and you'll see Bracegirdle straight ahead.

Quest Involvement

House Furnishings Sold

Item Cost
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Hills of the Shire' Theme 14 Silver 
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Silent Hope' Theme 14 Silver 
Academic's Bentwood Bookshelf-icon.png Academic's Bentwood Bookshelf 14 Silver 
Academic's Table (Large)-icon.png Academic's Table 14 Silver 
Academic's Table (Small)-icon.png Academic's Table 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Autumn Elm Tree-icon.png Autumn Elm Tree 14 Silver 
Autumnal Carpet-icon.png Autumnal Carpet 14 Silver 
Birch Tree-icon.png Birch Tree 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Black Floor Paint-icon.png Black Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Black Wall Paint-icon.png Black Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Dark Green Floor Paint-icon.png Dark Green Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Dark Green Wall Paint-icon.png Dark Green Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Floral)-icon.png Decorative Wall - 10m (Floral) 28 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Woodpanel Plaster)-icon.png Decorative Wall - 10m (Woodpanel Plaster) 28 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Floral)-icon.png Decorative Wall - 20m (Floral) 28 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Woodpanel Plaster)-icon.png Decorative Wall - 20m (Woodpanel Plaster) 28 Silver 
Surface 1-icon.png Floral Wallpaper 14 Silver 
Birch Tree-icon.png Four Birch Trees 14 Silver 
Gold Floor Paint-icon.png Gold Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Gold Wall Paint-icon.png Gold Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Hay Stook-icon.png Hay Stook 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Haystack-icon.png Haystack 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Indigo Floor Paint-icon.png Indigo Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Indigo Wall Paint-icon.png Indigo Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Interlocking Wood Floor-icon.png Interlocking Wood Floor 14 Silver 
Navy Floor Paint-icon.png Navy Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Navy Wall Paint-icon.png Navy Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Olive Floor Paint-icon.png Olive Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Olive Wall Paint-icon.png Olive Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Picnic Bench-icon.png Picnic Bench 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Picnic Table-icon.png Picnic Table 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Rust Floor Paint-icon.png Rust Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Rust Wall Paint-icon.png Rust Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Expert Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Scholar's Bentwood Bookshelf Decoration Recipe 10 Silver 
Journeyman Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Scholar's Small Bentwood Bookshelf Decoration Recipe 5 Silver 
Sienna Floor Paint-icon.png Sienna Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Sienna Wall Paint-icon.png Sienna Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Small Bed-icon.png Small Bed 14 Silver 
Small Cupboard-icon.png Small Cupboard 14 Silver 
Small Empty Wheelbarrow-icon.png Small Empty Wheelbarrow 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Small Stone Fireplace-icon.png Small Stone Fireplace 14 Silver 
Small Table-icon.png Small Table 14 Silver 
Spruce Tree-icon.png Spruce Tree 14 Silver 
Square Tile Floor-icon.png Square Tile Floor 14 Silver 
Stone Lilypad Tub-icon.png Stone Lilypad Tub 14 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Floral)-icon.png Tall Decorative Wall - 10m (Floral) 28 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Woodpanel Plaster)-icon.png Tall Decorative Wall - 10m (Woodpanel Plaster) 28 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Floral)-icon.png Tall Decorative Wall - 20m (Floral) 28 Silver 
Decorative Wall (Woodpanel Plaster)-icon.png Tall Decorative Wall - 20m (Woodpanel Plaster) 28 Silver 
The Shire-icon.png The Shire 14 Silver 
Umber Floor Paint-icon.png Umber Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Umber Wall Paint-icon.png Umber Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Violet Floor Paint-icon.png Violet Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Violet Wall Paint-icon.png Violet Wall Paint 14 Silver 
White Floor Paint-icon.png White Floor Paint 14 Silver 
White Wall Paint-icon.png White Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Plaster Wall-icon.png Woodpanel Plaster Wall 14 Silver 
Yellow Rhododendron-icon.png Yellow Rhododendron 11 Silver 4 Copper