Ray Thistlebur

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Ray Thistlebur
Image of Ray Thistlebur
Role Travelling Vendor
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Area Northern Bree-fields
Settlement Thornley's Work Site
Map Ref [25.4S, 53.9W]


Ray Thistlebur is a Travelling Vendor who is found at Thornley's Farm, just north of Thornley's Work Site.

Quest Involvement


Item Cost
Dry Rations-icon.png Dry Rations 48 Copper 
Hard Rations-icon.png Hard Rations 1 Silver 12 Copper 
Kindling Material-icon.png Kindling Material 1 Silver 60 Copper 
Rich Rations-icon.png Rich Rations 1 Silver 60 Copper 
Simple Rations-icon.png Simple Rations Copper 
Tasty Rations-icon.png Tasty Rations 2 Silver 20 Copper