Raining Snowballs

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Deed Lore

Win the snowball-fight many times.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Win the snowball-fight (easy) (0/8)
Win the snowball fight (hard) (0/3)


  Event-title-icon.png <name>, Snow-beast (Title)

Player Tips

  • This deed is available during the Yuletide Festival at Winter-home in Frostbluff.
  • This is triggered when you first complete a Battle of the Snowballs (Easy) or Battle of the Snowballs (Hard).
  • AFK players in the field or at least close enough for a snowball to be thrown at them are fair game!
  • Getting hit by snowballs inflict the player with movement- and skill-inhibiting effects. If a player is hit with a snowball before the previous effect expires, it will be replaced by the next higher tier skill:
    1. Frost 3 (tier 1)-icon.png Winter's Chill (Tier 1)  : -5% Run Speed, +5% All Skill Inductions, 30s
    2. Frost 3 (tier 2)-icon.png Winter's Chill (Tier 2)  : -10% Run Speed, +10% All Skill Inductions, 20s
    3. Frost 3 (tier 3)-icon.png Winter's Chill (Tier 3)  : -15% Run Speed, +15% All Skill Inductions, 15s
    4. Frost 3 (tier 4)-icon.png Winter's Chill (Tier 4)  : -20% Run Speed, +20% All Skill Inductions, 10s
    5. Frost 3 (tier 5)-icon.png Winter's Chill (Tier 5)  : -25% Run Speed, +25% All Skill Inductions, 5s
  • On the sixth snowball, the player will lose the Winter's Chill effect and receive a random effect:
    1. Stunned-icon.png Knocked Down  : Knocked to the ground and cannot move or act, 3s
    2. Rooted-icon.png Rooted  : The player is rooted for 1.5s
    3. Knockback: The player is knocked back a few meters
    4. Nothing happens