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This page is about the Dwarf Rói. For the LotRO expansion with initials "RoI", see The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard
Image of Rói
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Area Erebor
Settlement Tumnu-dûm


Rói is the lore-master of Agshar-mazal, the Scholar's Abode.

He wanders around the library and gives useful hints to any explorers that happen by.

His cipher-stone and Edda-stone, found within the library, are the key to reading the Felak Karâth, the runes of the Zhélruka Dwarves of the East.


"One word is worth a thousand pictures, no matter how beautiful."
"A language only dies when it is forgotten. May that never happen!"
"The translation of runes and languages has been my life's work."
"It is always a pleasure to meet a fellow lover of language!"
"I have written a guide to the Felak Karâth, if you wish to study it."
"My Edda-stone will give you what you need to read the runes of the Zhélruka."
"If you wish to read the runes of the Zhélruka, my guide will be of service."
"You are welcome to use any of my materials for your studies."


This character is called Rói in honour of The Dwarrow Scholar (whose actual name is Roy), who provided SSG with the various Neo-Khuzdul translations (and created the "Felak Karâth" font) seen in U23. The Dwarrow Scholar is also listed in the game credits.

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