Quickness (War-steed)

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Quickness (War-steed)-icon.png  Quickness

  • Mounted Combat

  • Swift and nimble by nature, your war-steed is able to carry the load, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
    Rank 1
    <Class>: The following skills will enjoy shorter cooldowns: (see below)

    -2 Skill Cooldown
    Rank 2
    -4 Skill Cooldown
    Rank 3
    -6 Skill Cooldown

  • Requires Traits:
    Invigorating Presence at Rank 2
  • 1 Point to Next Rank

Class Information

Each class has a set of skills affected by this trait.

War-steed Information

War-steed Type: Light

Trait Tree: Rohirrim