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For Reference

Here is the full dialogue of Dardúr:

Welcome and well met, <player name>. I have heard of your cunning in the ways of the graven rune. Our sort are rare in Middle-earth, and I fear that soon we will pass away.
The secrets of our trade hark back to Daeron and Fëanor themselves, but both Elves and dwarves have added much to the depth of our craft. Many ancient secrets of the written word lie hidden in the forgotten places of Middle-earth.
The road ahead is hard, but what thing that is worth doing is not? The gaining of widsom is ever a struggle, but it is a fulfilling one. If you believe you are ready, then say on, and I will set your feet upon the path to greater knowledge.

-- Starbursty (talk) 21:19, 24 October 2011 (EDT)