Quest Pack:North Downs

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North Downs quest pack

The North Downs once thrived as the heart of the kingdom of Arthedain, but centuries of war and ill fortune have left all in ruins, occupied by a vanguard of Orcs and Trolls who march without fear among the crumbling keeps and cities. Discover the embattled settlements of Trestlebridge, Esteldin, Othrikar, and Meluinen, on the edge of Angmar itself. Venture into Fornost, a six-person instance that once was the mighty city of the kings, earn reputation with the Rangers of Esteldin, and learn the lost history of the North-kingdom!
The North Downs quest pack provides players with over 125 quests designed to support player levels 24-30 and access to Fornost, a massive full fellowship instance.
Level Clases Uses Quantity Normal Price(In LP's)
18-40 (Suggested) All Account 1 595 LOTRO Point