Quest:Wolves of Isengard

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Wolves of Isengard
Level 91
Type Solo
Starts with Dudsig
Starts at Stoke
Start Region Broadacres
Map Ref [48.5S, 69.4W]
Quest Group Stoke
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If you wish to be of any true use to the people of Stoke, you should deal with the dangers that lie to the east. Warg-riders and wolves ravage the countryside and no one stops them. They will quickly become a threat to Oserley as well, if nothing is done.

'You are no stranger to the ways of mounted combat and so should have no difficulty dealing with this threat...that is if your courage has not already failed you. What say you? Will you attend this challenge?'


War is afoot, and the town of Stoke is preparing for the inevitable siege.

Objective 1

  • Defeat wolves and Warg-riders east of Stoke (0/10)

Warg-riders and wolves haunt the fields to the east of Stoke.

Dudsig has asked you to deal with the threat of Warg-riders and wolves which plague the people of the Broadacres.

Objective 2

Dudsig is at the Oserley encampment outside the north-east gate of Stoke.

You should return to Stoke and tell Dudsig of your victories.

Dudsig: 'You live still? That is too bad. I have nothing more to say to you, <class> on your way.'