Quest:Within the Looming Darkness

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Within the Looming Darkness
Level 129
Type Solo
Starts with Taurdir
Starts at Torgris, the Hidden Cleft
Start Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [68.1S, 6.5E]
Ends with Mithrandir
Ends at Falch Gurth
End Region Morgul Vale
Map Ref [68.4S, 6.1E]
Quest Chain Imlad Morgul: Thuringwath
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We didn't make it far the first night.

'A dark cloud, like some unearthly wall of shadow, appeared in our path. Only Nidhlas was brave enough to reach out into the darkness, but he withdrew his hand almost at once. It was as if a deathly chill had taken hold of his arm!

'I thought that was going to be the end of it, but Nidhlas insisted that we make camp... and so we did. The rain fell cold, and we had too few tents. Many of us took ill in the night, but Nidhlas led the rest beyond the shadows at first light.

'See for yourself, <name>. It is some old devilry, I think!'


A small company of Rangers of Ithilien passed through what Taurdir described as a 'wall of shadow' in Falch Gurth.

Objective 1

The 'wall of shadow' can be found to the south of Torgris in Falch Gurth.

Cuilion has asked you to enter Falch Gurth and learn what has become of the company of Rangers who sought to explore Thuringwath.

To your surprise, Mithrandir stands before the 'wall of shadow'

Objective 2

Mithrandir can be found in Falch Gurth.

You have discovered the 'wall of shadow' of which Taurdir spoke, but it appears Mithrandir followed in your wake. You should talk to him.

Mithrandir: 'It is most curious, is it not?'
Mithrandir does not turn to face you, and his eyes remain transfixed on the 'wall of shadow' Taurdir described.
'As I expected, the enwreathment spells the Nazgûl used to conceal the pass have faded. But, I did not expect to encounter this sort of sorcery.
'May I ask something of you, <name>? It might seem a trifle, but take a stone and cast it into the shadows.'

Objective 3

  • Cast a stone into the shadows of Falch Gurth

A stone can be found in Falch Gurth.

Mithrandir has asked you to cast a stone into the shadows of Falch Gurth. You should pick up a nearby stone and cast it into the darkness.

The stone disappears into the shadows, making no sound as it clatters unseen upon the ground

Objective 4

  • Talk to Mithrandir
Mithrandir turns to face you.
'It is no mistake that our paths have crossed again, my friend.'