Quest:Watchers of the Road

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Watchers of the Road
Level 87
Type Solo
Starts with Ellen Fremedon
Starts at Underharrow
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [63.7S, 73.7W]
Quest Group Underharrow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The war draws ever close, <name>, and I fear soon the time shall come when we have to flee - with or without Éowyn.

'The fork that divides the roads to Dunharrow and the Hornburg lie just south of here. While my people are destined for Dunharrow, I fear that the road to Hornburg might be overrun and I cannot help but worry about our own journey up the Stair of the Hold.

'If you would scout the roads east and west, I could rest more easily.'


As the war intensifies, Ellen Fremedon seeks to ensure that her people can find some route to safety.

Objective 1

  • Scout the Stair of the Hold
  • Scout the road to the Hornburg

The road to the Hornburg can be found to the south-west of Underharrow, and the Stair of the Hold can be found to the south-east.

Ellen Fremedon has asked you to scout the roads for threats to her people.

Save for passing wildlife, the road to the Hornburg is clear
The winding path is wreathed by the ancient Púkel-men, but is otherwise clear

Objective 2

Ellen Fremedon can be found outside the Mead Hall of Underharrow.

You have scouted the roads away from Underharrow and found them free of the Enemy. You should return to Ellen Fremedon.

Ellen Fremedon: 'I am relieved to hear such things, <name>.
'While I still fear the Orcs lurk above in the mountains, I am glad our path to Dunharrow is clear at least for the moment.'