Quest:Wanted for Questioning

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Wanted for Questioning
Level 94
Type Solo
Starts with Húnbrit
Start Region Westfold
Map Ref [62.7S, 81.2W]
Ends with Húnbrit
Ends at Fushum Raus
End Region Westfold
Map Ref [63.3S, 81.5W]
Quest Group Grimslade
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I believe these half-orcs are up to something, sneaking so close to Grimslade as they do. I would like to capture one and take him for questioning.

'I will join you inside -- you should whistle for me when you've found a suitable prisoner, and I will take him to the jail in Grimslade.'


Húnbrit has asked you to capture a half-orc who may have information about the movements of the enemy.

Objective 1

Dour Hal can be found in Fushum Raus.

You should do your best to capture Dour Hal and haul him in for questioning.

Dour Hal: 'Here to capture me, are you? I'd like to see you try! The likes of you are no match for us.'
Dour Hal says, "!"
You have subdued Dour Hal

Objective 2

Húnbrit has appeared nearby in Fushum Raus.

You should speak with Húnbrit now that Dour Hal has been subdued.

Húnbrit: 'Well done, <name>! I will take this one to the jail at once. Perhaps we can get some information out of him.'