Quest:Vengeance for Léofdag

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Vengeance for Léofdag
Level 103
Type Solo
Starts with Ulf the Reaver
Starts at Ost Rimmon
Start Region Beacon Hills
Map Ref [48.1S, 37.5W]
Ends with Burnoth, son of Baldeg
Ends at War-stead of the King's Men
End Region Taur Drúadan
Map Ref [44.9S, 28.6W]
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Beacon Hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Indeed, <name>, this is not the place for us to speak of such things. We are overdue to set out for Taur Drúadan, but we can spare the time to make clear these matters.

'Will you accompany us to the beacon-hill Erelas? It lies to the north-east of Ost Rimmon and should not be difficult to spot, even with its flames quenched.

'I am sorry to be so terse, but you shall understand when we meet again. Ride!'


Poor Léofdag fell at the Battle of the Hornburg, but the treachery surrounding his death greatly troubles the Riders Three.

Objective 1

Erelas can be found north-east of Ost Rimmon.

The Riders Three have asked you to meet them at the beacon-hill Erelas.

You have found the Riders and should now speak to them...

Objective 2

Burnoth, Hutha, and Ulf are at the beacon-hill Erelas.

You have arrived at Erelas and should now speak to the Riders Three about the truth of Léofdag's demise.

Burnoth, son of Baldeg: '<name>, I trust that you shall share not what I tell you.
'Léofdag's death was no mistake. It is my opinion that it was a conspiracy of the Enemy's design. He fell just as our foes were routed - and after surviving so much else!
'I heard him fall beside me and call out, so I rushed to his side. He had been struck by two arrows, yet if he felt pain from them, he showed it not. Instead he clutched only at his throat as if he were choking. His breathing grew laboured and in moments, he was gone.
'The arrows used to slay him were of Rohirric make, but they bore a poison that none in our company had ever encountered.
'Léofdag was murdered by one of the Men among the Riders, of this I am certain.'
Ulf the Reaver: 'Léofdag was slain by one of our own!
'To hold back my fury for so long... I shall not let his death go unanswered. His murderer lurks among our number in Rohan, I know it!
'How can we find one among so many? And does he dare to strike again so near to the King?
'Mark my words, <name>... when we find him, and we shall, none will hold me back from him!
'Let us ride to Taur Drûadan, and there we can plan our next move.'
Hutha, son of Hengest: 'I confess I know less of Léofdag's fate than the others, but it pains me just the same.
'We became separated during the battle after the wall was shattered. I fell back to a higher position, but I saw Léofdag make for the breach with the Ranger and his allies.
'When our foes made for the wounded, I retreated into the tower to defend them. That was the last I saw of Léofdag...'

Objective 3

The Riders Three can be found somewhere among the War-stead of the King's Men in Taur Drúadan.

The Riders Three have asked you to join them in their quest and their journey to the Pelennor Fields.

You have arrived to find the Riders hastily preparing to set out!

Objective 4

  • Talk to Burnoth in Taur Drúadan

Burnoth is at his camp within the War-stead of the King's Men.

You have arrived in Taur Drúadan and should now speak to Burnoth.

Burnoth, son of Baldeg: 'I am gladdened that you found us amongst so many of our kinsmen, my friend. Although I worry that Léofdag's killer still lurks within the War-steads, I think him not enough a fool to make his presence known before we reach the battlefield in Gondor.
'We spoke much on what course to take through Taur Drúadan before your arrival, and you must be told of our purpose here in the forest.'