Quest:Unmeasured Malice

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Unmeasured Malice
Level 92
Type Solo
Starts with Wilberth
Starts at Flodgeheld
Start Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [53.5S, 80.9W]
Quest Group Stonedeans
Quest Chain Brockbridge
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The White Hand has constructed a large fortification nearby from which they launch their attacks. We discovered it just before they razed Flodgeheld.

'I am unable to defend myself. If you come through here again, I will likely be dead...unless you could keep them distracted for a time.

'I would begin by scouting around the perimeter. From there, opportunities to cause turmoil should present themselves.'


The White Hand built a large and impressive fortification in the southern Stonedeans called Madh-fushaum. This is a staging area for attacks and it supports their efforts to conquer all of the Stonedeans.

Objective 1

Madh-fushaum lies just to the south-east of Flodgeheld.

Wilberth has asked you to scout around the perimeter of the fortress of Madh-fushaum.

Scouted the western side of Madh-fushaum
Scouted the northern side of Madh-fushaum
Scouted the eastern side of Madh-fushaum
Scouted the southern side of Madh-fushaum

Objective 2

  • Create turmoil within Madh-fushaum (0/5)

Wilberth asked that you create a distraction while he is able to heal, and one way to do that would be to create turmoil in the fortress of Madh-fushaum.

Objective 3

Wilberth is at Flodgeheld.

The White Hand in Madh-fushaum have been distracted by your efforts for some time, and you should now return to Wilberth.

Wilberth: 'I could hear the explosions from here! That was masterfully done, my good <race>. You really went above and beyond, and for that I thank you. My wounds have mended, and I will be making my way to Woodhurst soon.
'However, I did notice something concerning while you were gone.'