Quest:Trouble by the Last Bridge

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Trouble By The Last Bridge
Level 35
Type Solo
Starts with Barachen
Starts at Barachen's Camp
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [34.0S, 20.2W]
Ends with Heithur Ironfist
Ends at Barachen's Camp
End Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [34.0S, 20.2W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain A Gift from the Dwarves
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Heithur Ironfist was telling me about the missing dwarves while you were away, <name>. Glóin of the Lonely Mountain requested the delivery of some stones of historical value from Thorin's Hall as a sign of good faith for the Elves of Rivendell -- he is visiting Imladris on a mission of some importance -- and Heithur is worried that Glóin will be made a laughing-stock without such gifts.

'He is mistaken, of course. Master Elrond treats all with respect and honour and has no need for such baubles. I have told Heithur he need not worry on that account, but he does not listen.

'Perhaps the dwarves were surprised before they had come very far into the Trollshaws. Return to the Last Bridge and speak with Aplhlanc...perhaps she has seen some sign of their passing.'


Heithur Ironfist is concerned about his missing dwarves, but he is especially worried about their cargo of historically-significant stones from Thorin's Hall bound for Glóin, and he wants them recovered.

Objective 1

Alphlanc is at the Last Bridge on the western edge of the Trollshaws, where the road passes into the Lone-lands.

Barachen has asked you to speak again with Alphlanc at the Last Bridge to see if she has learned anything of the missing dwarves.

Barachen: 'Alphanc is at the Last Bridge, on the western edge of the Trollshaws. It could be that she knows the fate of Heithur's dwarves.'
Rochwen: You have returned -- I did not expect to see you again so soon. Alphanc may have seen some sign of the missing dwarves, but I must admit that she has not mentioned it to me.'
Alphlanc: 'Greetings once more, <name>. Alas, I have seen no sign of these dwarves you are looking for. Is Heithur Ironfist certain they came this way? If so, it was before Rochwen and I arrived.
'Perhaps you should search the area around the Bridge very carefully. Some evidence of trouble might have been missed, or well-hidden by whatever evil fate befell the dwarves.'

Objective 2

The Last Bridge supports the road as it winds west out of the Trollshaws and passes into the Lone-lands.

Alphlanc has asked you to search the area immediately around the Last Bridge closely for some sign of the missing dwarves.

Alphlanc: 'Examine the area around the Last Bridge carefully, friend, and you might find some sign of the dwarves for whom you are searching.'
A shattered crate lies near the foot of the Last Bridge

Objective 3

  • Search the shattered dwarf-crate

A smashed crate lies at the foot of the Last Bridge, on the water's edge.

You have located a smashed crate by the Last Bridge that appears to be of dwarf-make. You should investigate further.

Shattered Dwarf-crate: The crate had been smashed open and its contents removed. Whatever it once contained had been stolen by parties unknown.

Objective 4

Alphlanc is at the Last Bridge on the western edge of the Trollshaws, where the road passes into the Lone-lands.

You should tell Alphlanc what you have found.

Alphlanc: 'You found a shattered crate of dwarf-make? Then it seems your dwarves did pass this way, ere Rochwen and I arrived. You should return to Heithur Ironfist and let him know of your discovery, for it would seem that the dwarves were not fortunate in their encounters.'

Objective 5

Heithur Ironfist is at Barachen's camp, east of the Last Bridge, on a sloping hill in the shadow of the southern cliffs.

Aphlanc believes that Heithur will want to hear about your discovery of a shattered dwarf-crate at the base of the Last Bridge, emptied of its contents, for it means that Heithur's company met with an unfortunate fate.

Alphlanc: 'You should return to Heithur Ironfist at Barachen's camp, east of here and south of the raod, and tell him what you have discovered -- that his dwarves have almost certainly fallen to an ill fate!'
Rochwen: 'You found the crate Heithur's dwarves were escorting, but the contents were removed? These are grim tindings, <name>. Journey to Barachen's camp, south-east of here, at the top of the shadowed slope, and give the dwarf this news. He will not be pleased to hear it, but he would want to know.'
Heithur Ironfist: 'You've found the crate my dwarves were bringing with them? I had hoped that you might return with the stones, but it sounds from your tale that someone else has already made off with them.
'This is inexcusable! We have to find them, <name>, or Lord Glóin will be made laughing-stock.'