Quest:Treating with Scoundrels

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Treating with Scoundrels
Level 103
Type Solo
Starts with Gondrad
Starts at Bâr Nadhron
Start Region Beacon Hills
Map Ref [42.7S, 45.3W]
Quest Group Far Anórien: Beacon Hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'So go we must - and by WE let me make clear that I mean YOU. I will wait here, and you are to whistle twice if you need me. I am only being cautious as I was bade!


You have scouted the Variag camp at Bâr Nadhron, and now one thing remains....

Objective 1

The time has come to enter the cellar in Bâr Nadhron, in the Beacon Hills, and pay the ransom for Glánhar's sons.

Objective 2

You should return to Gondrad and tell him all that took place in the cellar at Bâr Nadhron.

Gondrad: Gondrad's eyes go wide as you relay all that took place.
'It is well you went in and not I, at any rate. I would have made a mess of things, as I always seem to.'