Quest:Tracks Through Evendim

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Tracks Through Evendim
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with Horace Roxhythe
Starts at Tinnudir
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.5S, 67.3W]
Ends with Horace Roxhythe
Ends at Tinnudir
End Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.5S, 67.3W]
Quest Group Hunter
Class Hunter
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A skilled hunter should be able to find his way through any terrain, <name>, to show his fellowship to their destination with all speed. When you know the fastest path through the wild, you can better keep your friends from danger.

'I have heard that Horace Roxhythe, a hunter who makes his home in Ost Forod, has come to the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, in Evendim. If you speak with him, he may be willing to teach you of the best paths through Evendim.

'Be warned, though, that he will expect proof of your skills as a hunter before he teaches you anything.'


You have been encouraged to learn the lay of the lands around Lake Nenuial, so you may better find your way around its shores.

Objective 1

Horace Roxhythe is at the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, in Evendim.

You have been told to speak with Horace Roxhythe, a skilled hunter who can teach you the secrets of finding your way throughout Evendim.

Hunter Trainer: 'Horace Roxhyte has come to the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, in Evendim, and can teach you much of the ways of the wild.'
Horace Roxhythe: 'Welcome to Tinnudir, <name>. I can show you secret paths by which you can lead your fellowship here quickly, but you must prove to me that you are worthy being taught such skills. You must know for what to look.
'I have hidden one of my arrow-heads somewhere in Evendim. If you can pick up my trail and follow the signs, you will be able to recover the arrow-head and prove to me that you are ready. If not, well...perhaps another hunter will succeed where you fail.
'I will tell you this: I crossed the bridge from Tinnudir to the main land. So you will want to begin your search for my trail there.'

Objective 2

  • Find scratched arrow-head

Horace Roxhythe hid one of his arrow-heads somewhere in Evendim. He crossed from the island of Tinnudir to the mainland on the stone bridge.

You have been challenged to follow Horace's trail and recover the arrow-head he hid somewhere in Evendim to prove you are ready for his teachings.

Horace Roxhythe: 'I crossed to the mainland by bridge, but from there, you will need to pick up my trail, if you are to find the arrow-head I have hidden somewhere in Evendim.'
Subtle Tracks: The marks in the dirt leave no question: the trail here leads south-east.
Subtle Tracks: The marks in the dirt leave no question: the trail here leads south-east.
Subtle Tracks: The trail here is muddled and confused. That Horace came this way is unmistakeable to your skilled eye, but you cannot discern in what direction he left this place.
Subtle Tracks: There are tracks here in the soil, but you cannot tell what made them, or how long ago they were made. It is not likely that Horace came this way.
Subtle Tracks: There is little question to your keen eye that Horace's trail here bends south-west.
Subtle Tracks: Peering closely at the soil, you find a scratched arrow-head partially embedded in the dirt. This must be Horace's arrow-head.

Objective 3

You have found the arrow-head that Horace hid in Evendim and should return it to him so he will recognize your skill as a hunter.

Horace Roxhythe: 'Yes, this is my arrow-head! See these scratches here? I carved my initials there so I would be able to recognize it. A number of burglars have tried themselves off as hunters, and I needed some way to catch imitations.
'I will teach you secret paths through Evendim, <name>, so you will be able to lead your fellowship to Tinnudir with utmost speed.'