Quest:To the Dolven-view

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To the Dolven-view
Level 51
Type Solo
Starts with Thórhall
Starts at Lamâb-dûm
Start Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [7.5S, 113.4W]
Ends with Slagvi
Ends at Dolven-view
End Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [8.2S, 112.0W]
Quest Group Moria: The Great Delving
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have done all that is needed for our little camp, <name>, and we appreciate your help! But I expect you are excited to delve further into Moria, as we are.

'The Dolven-view camp is the central camp of the dwarves in the Great Delving. I expect that several dwarves will have settled there, and established many useful town services.'


Thórhall has encouraged you to head east to the Dolven-view camp, the central hub of the dwarves in the Great Delving.

Objective 1

The Dolven-view camp lies east of Lamab-dûm, at a somewhat central crossroads in the Great Delving.

You should follow the lit road as best you can to the Dolven-view.

Thórhall: 'Are you not excited to press further into Moria? We certainly are.'
Slagvi: 'Greetings, my good <race> and welcome to Dolven-view! 'Tis a fine view indeed -- or at least it would be were it not cluttered with the cook-fires of a goblin horde beneath us...
'No matter. We must defend the Dolven-view at all costs, and find some way to drive these vermin from our ancestral homes. Mark my words <name>, this will once again be a city of wonder and beautiful to behold, though we give our lives to achieve it!'