Quest:To Dunland

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To Dunland
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Paper Sheet 6 (quest)-icon.png Map of Dunland
Ends with Corunir
Ends at Zudrugund
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [65.6S, 8.5W]
Quest Group Rise of Isengard
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Dúnedain cross into Dunland, a land neighboured closely by Isengard. All are summoned to assist in the passing of this perilous land. They must set a path to the south of Enedwaith, and a seasoned traveller like yourself would be a boon, for surely there are friends to be made in Dunland. You should journey there and earn what trust you can find among the Dunlendings.

You should seek Corunir at Nar's Peak, <name>. He will help you get to Dunland.



The land of Dunland is unexplored of late. You have been asked to see what trust you can earn of its inhabitants while the Rangers pass through.

Objective 1

Corunir is at Zudrugund in Nar's Peak, in the north-east corner of Thrór's Coomb.

You should make your way to Zudrugund and speak with Corunir there.

Corunir: 'Hail, <name>! We move for Dunland, then we must endeavour to sneak past Isengard without rousing the suspicions of Saruman. The journey will be dangerous; will you join the Dúnedain once again?'