Quest:The Smoke Lures

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The Smoke Lures
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Dindal
Starts at Dindal's Watch
Start Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.8S, 21.5W]
Ends with Dindal
Ends at Dindal's Watch
End Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.8S, 21.5W]
Quest Chain Harlond
Walkthrough & Notes
  • Old Campfires [74.4S, 21.7W], [73.7S, 21.5W], [72.5S, 20.9W], [72.0S, 20.7W]
  • After you light each campfire, two Orcs will attack (either two Morgul Raiders, or one Morgul Raider and one Morgul Raider Captain).
  • Former Bug: Quest could not be finished after you had lit up all camps due to a quest design mistake: Morgul Raider groups only spawned upon interaction of a camp, but if you ran out of camps, you were no longer able to continue the quest. In Update 16.1 this bug was fixed: Now you have to wait at the northernmost old campfire ([72.0S, 20.7W]), after some minutes there will always respawn a new group of enemies until you have killed enough to finish the quest.
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I will tell you what I fear most. It is not the Orc-host below us, for they look north. No, it is the raiding parties I have seen. Though small in numbers, what they may glean and report back... where we lie undefended and un-pillaged, what farm remains yet unburned... these are troublesome thoughts.

'There are abandoned scouts' campfires in the wooded groves along the mountain's feet. If you built smoky fires in these, you might draw small parties of Orcs towards you, and dispatch them before they could go farther south.'


Dindal fears the Orc raiding parties that come out from Harlond. Though they are small, they may discover Lossarnach's weak points and report back to the larger force.

Objective 1

There are wooded areas west of Harlond and the road leading up to it.

Dindal has suggested that you start smoky fires at old campfire sites in wooded areas near Harlond, in order to lure Orc raiding parties to you in small groups.

Started a smoky fire (4/4)
Noises soon appear nearby. Someone is coming!
Defeated Morgul Raider (6/6)
Defeated Morgul Raider Captain (2/2)

Objective 2

Dindal the scout can be found high up in a secluded lookout, which can be reached by turning north off the east road from Imloth Melui.

You should return to Dindal and let him know that his plan worked.

Dindal: 'The fires worked as I hoped? This is wonderful news. You have made the Orc host blind and deaf to our lands to the south.'