Quest:The Siege of Gondamon

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The Siege of Gondamon
Level Scaling
Type Skirmish
Repeatable Yes
Quest Group Skirmish
Quest Text

The Siege of Gondamon
"The Dourhands have forged an alliance with the Blue Crag goblins and have laid siege to Gondamon for nearly two weeks. The final assault will be launched soon...."


Gondamon is one of the strongest fortresses of the Longbeards in the Blue Mountains. The Dourhands and their goblin-allies seek to overthrow the stronghold and claim it for themselves.

Objective 1

  • Report to Mathi, commander of Gondamon

Mathi has been leading the defence of Gondamon for the duration of the siege. It is crucial for you to report in to him and find out where you can help.

Mathi: 'This is all I get for reinforcements? I suppose you will have to do. We've defended this keep for as long as we could, but I fear the next push might be our last.

'Head to the walls and let them come to you. Perhaps there is hope yet that Gondamon will still stand free at the end of this day.'

Objective 2

  • Mathi must survive the assault
Mathi says, "Gondamon has been a free city so long as I have ever known."
Mathi says, "The Dourhand wish to take that from you. To take your homes, and slaughter your families!"
Mathi says, "But I say not today. I say we stand. I say we fight!"
Mathi says, "Now to the walls! We defend Gondamon to our last breath!"

Objective 3

  • Push back the first assault
  • Mathi must survive the assault

The first assault of the final attack has begun. The Enemy must not breach the walls.

The first assault has been broken. There are a few short moments to rest before the assault continues

Objective 4

  • Push back the second assault
  • Mathi must survive the assault

The second assault of the final attack has begun. The Enemy is attempting to force their way in through a different gate.

You have defended against the second assault. There are a few short moments to gather your breath before the next arrives

Objective 5

  • Push back the third assault
  • Mathi must survive the assault

The third assault of the final attack has begun. They are attempting to come through the last gate.

They have tried all three gates. The next assault will surely be the final, yet most brutal one

Objective 5

The final assault has begun. Their numbers are waning, but their ferocity increasing. Withstand this storm, defeat their leader, and Gondamon will continue to stand free.

Haflith says, "You fall back and regroup at the Keep. We'll push forward!"
Dagfinn says, "Fall back and defend the Keep!"
Haflith has gone to secure the Enemy's western camp
Dagfinn has gone to secure the Enemy's southern camp
Mergeth has gone to secure the Enemy's northern camp
Enemies are on the move from all sides. The final assault has begun
Ingithor Blackhand says, "Mathi, today is the day you and Gondamon fall to the Dourhands! Drake! Come to me!"
Ingithor Blackhand says, "Gondamon will be mine! To battle!"
Mathi says, "The Dourhands will never rule Gondamon!"
Ingithor Blackhand says, "You have fought well, but in the end, the Dourhand will be triumphant!"
Defenders surviving the skirmish have earned you bonus Skirmish Marks.
The siege on Gondamon has been broken. The city and Mathi, their leader, are safe.
Mathi says, "Gondamon owes you a great debt. I shall not soon forget it."
Mergeth says, "Gondamon is saved!"
Dagfinn says, "I shall sleep easier tonight knowing the threat has passed."
Haflith says, "Today will be remembered as a great victory!"

Optional Encounter 1: Defeat Thrastar

Encounter: A battle-horn sounds from the south
Encounter Update:
Encounter Update: The horn of Thrastar sounds from the south camp. The leader of the southern asault is coming to reclaim the planted flag of Gondamon
Encounter Complete: Thrastar falls to your mighty blow

Optional Encounter 2: Defeat Hergill

Encounter: A flag of Gondamon drops for Ernir's outstretched hand. It should be hung at the north gate once more
Encounter: Hergill's horn sounds across the battlefield. The Dourhand will not allow the north flag to fly
Encounter Complete: Hergill falls to your mighty blow

Optional Encounter 3: Defeat Agi Gatebreaker

Encounter: As Jóstein falls, the west flag of Gondamon drops from his lifeless hand. It should hung at the west gate once more
Your West Gate Flag fits the lock.
Encounter: The horn of Agi Gatebreaker echoes through Gondamon's courtyard! The west gate flag shall not stand for long
Encounter Complete: Agi Gatebreaker falls to your mighty blow

Optional Encounter 4: Defeat Ghashnâkh

Encounter: A cackling laughter comes from beyond the North Gate. 'Gondamon's walls will soon be nothing but small pieces!'
Encounter Complete: Ghashnâkh has fallen to your mighty blow

Optional Encounter 5: Defeat Sigurmar

Encounter Update: A deep voice roars from outside the South Gate. "I will dance as Gondamon burns!"'
Encounter Complete: Sigurmar has fallen to your mighty blow